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A step over the threshold of many an American home immediately assuages our senses, giving us clues as to their understanding and practice of clean living. Febreeze. Eau de cologne. Stale, dank, musty. Dirty gym socks. Pizza boxes, Palo Alto, Patchouli. 

A glance in the closet reveals piles of fast fashion, costing $3-33 on Wish or at Targét while continuing to charge the Universe static electricity and unfair labor wages. This will continue until the entire system is dis-mantled and rebuilt. 

Kitchens are cluttered with nonstick aids which surely aid the tangible clean up yet deposit everlasting chemicals into our most sensitive absorption members. Our esophageal + stomach linings. These chemicals cause and irritate chronic inflammation and gastric distress which we love to medicate freely with over the counter antacids. 

We wash our clothes with synthetic preservatives which shift the balance in the natural protective layer of the skin's microbiome. This is an invisible shield which lives on top of our skin, regulating what penetrates the bodies largest organ. 

Invading this microbiome from the inside and compounding toxic waste on the outside through the air we breathe, the food we eat and the chemicals we put on our skin leads to systemic diseases like psoriasis, eczema, auto-immune disease, IBS, colitis and mental health imbalances. 

When we use antibiotics and pharmaceutical aids on a regular basis we bypass the body's natural ability to heal, therefore it can be helpful in a pinch but harmful to rely on for regular health maintenance. The synthetic chemicals used to mimic what the body is unable to naturally synthesize contain preservatives which can backfire and preserve the bacteria or virus inside the bloodstream for resurgence at a later time. 

The stress of itchy skin, digestive distress and neurotic levels of pain pushes us right out of our homes and we pull up at the gas station to pump expendable energy into the vehicles which carry us from provider to vendor to the protocol prepared by generations before our present moment. The stress of our environment wearies our ability to curate whole food and we process the preserved food right into our cells, hoping to reap fresh energy from denaturalized life. 

Welcome to the Capital Franchise of America. Would you like to Super Size your order? This bulky burden of single use plastic and styrofoam indeed accumulates somewhere and we dump the discarded toxins right back into our disabled environment. Choking future food sources and spoiling seeds ready to sprout. 

The air we breathe. The food we eat. The things that touch our skin and absorb into our being. I can not speak for any journey other than my own. My husband and I recognized and agreed in this third decade of our lives and second decade of our marriage we stand committed to educating our selves regarding the financial and physical footprint we leave on this Earth. 

We have much to learn, and as we began awakening in Consciousness we began a list of the most important toxins we needed to address in our lives. Personally and in Partnership. We made lists and began cultivating mindfulness in our financial purchases. Wherever. Whenever. We can make a sustainable shift. We commit to doing so. 

This begins with living within our means. Western medical care is so expensive and unreliable. I have educated my self in the field of Ayurvedic Medicine as a layman and personal practitioner over the last three years. My collection of herbs, teas, metals, crystals and oils is purposeful and comes in handy often. I create almost all of our household cleaners and skin care products from locally sourced organic oils and my own wholesale doTERRA account. It makes more sense for our family to invest in sustainable self care than to rely solely on our PCM from TRICARE. 

We also invested in a water Ionizer. This was important for access to clean water but also for access to cleaning supplies. We moved to Hawaii one month before the Stay at Home order. Right about when everyone was out of toilet paper and cleaning supplies! Our ionizer produces the perfect 9.5pH drinking water with microcluster absorption for maximum cellular hydration and oxygenation. It also produces a range of 2.5-11pH waters which each have various cleaning, cooking and disinfecting strengths. The ionizer itself was not cheap and we had to purchase through an individual resaler. However, I've already saved the family hundreds of dollars in department store candles, chemicals + capital sourcing. I get so excited about cooking at home because I know my food is clean, not only in flesh but also in flavor. If you are new to cooking with essential oils, let's be friends! It is a whole new world of flavor which touches you body, mind + soul. 

These choices of wholesale memberships and commission structure businesses don't have to turn you into your neighbor Karen who sells Jamberry Nails. For a long time I was so focused on "earning" I forgot to do the "living". I don't "sell doTERRA" neither am I a "team builder". I am an enabler of good people to do good things. And my partner joins me in that. Even if we don't make a large living from these passive income streams, we make a sustainable difference for our immediate environment. That is enough to sell us on this Sustainable American Dream where no one "makes us do" anything. We sustain our selves and give back of the excess which flows from our labor + love.

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About the Author


EmJay is a military spouse and a brand new, home school mom. She and her husband are committed to raising their son in a sustainable environment and teaching him how to take Personal Responsibility in this life as an American citizen. To teach that, they must live that. Her primary role is to curate a Lifestyle of Wellness, One Day at a Time. 


August 20, 2020