Get ready, babes. Things are heating up — meaning it's time to stock up on Wolven’s sustainable and sexy swimwear. There are three bikini top styles and three bikini bottom styles — naturally most of them are reversible, up to four different ways to wear. Given that this year has been an extraordinary challenge in literally every way, personal style has definitely taken a hit, especially since we've spent most of our time indoors, with the lucky exceptions of outdoor spaces at home, daily walks, and beach and/or camping trips. With so much on our plates already, even just showing up for yourself by dressing intentionally can be overwhelming, so why not look to the cosmos for guidance?

There’s a lot to be said about the power that clothing has, especially when it feels like one of the few things we have control over at this time. Thankfully, right now, most of us at least have the freedom to truly redefine not only work-from-home aesthetic, but also comfy and “lazy” at-home aesthetic, with a summery twist. Why not throw in some swimwear to the at-home quarantine capsule wardrobe and do some self-discovery through fashion?

Dressing with intention is a powerful spiritual practice that has the potential to change the way you feel, working from the outside, in. That intention and power is super-charged by the fact that all of Wolven’s apparel is made from post-consumer plastic bottles, which make for a guilt-free shopping experience.

The ability to harness inner strength, positivity, resilience, and any other energies we feel compelled to connect with and embody is a gift that I encourage us all to keep near and dear to our hearts this summer as we continue to shift and change the world. The stars are helping to usher us into the enlightened Age of Aquarius, and they can also guide us towards fashion choices that are most aligned with the spirit of our zodiac signs, so that we can be of utmost service to our world.

If harnessing the powers of your sun sign (or any other sign) through intentional dressing is something that empowers you, the following are my recommendations based on corresponding characteristics and colors.

Aries: Santorini Reversible French Cut Bikini

As the first sign of the zodiac, Mars-ruled Aries is bold, assertive, passionate, and a natural-born leader. As cardinal signs, which are the initiators of the zodiac, Aries are all about taking action and what better time than now? Channel this cardinal energy by encouraging momentum throughout the BLM movement and continuing to spread the word. Such raw passion takes the form of the super-cheeky and bold Santorini Reversible French Cut Bikini. Embody Aries color association of red (which signifies leadership and ambition) by pairing with the matching Santorini Ruched Top, a messy top bun, and a coral lip to fuel your energy while you take on the role of keyboard warrior.

Taurus: Echo Reversible High-Waisted Bikini Bottom 

Ruled by sensual Venus, Tauruses are fixed signs which makes them one of the “doers” of the zodiac, as they are all about the follow-through and “showing up”. Tauruses are sensible, indulgent, romantic and are the embodiment of goddess energy. As a sign whose domain is the material world, Tauruses have the capacity to advocate for charities, individuals and other platforms, and make sure that these organizations are getting the attention and subsequent funding that they require. Such heartfelt action can be embodied by the Echo Reversible High-Waisted Bikini Bottom which reverses to a solid pink, which is one of the color associations of Taurus. Pair it with the Echo One Shoulder Top and some fuzzy slippers for the ultimate lazy-chic quarantine look.

Gemini: Noor Straight-Neck One Piece

As Mercury-ruled air signs, Geminis are intellectual, clever, and unpredictable — and as mutable signs, they are incredibly adaptable. As the sign of intellect who craves knowledge and mental stimulation above all else, Gemini is encouraged to adapt to the confines of quarantine and use this time to absorb and educate themselves and then share that knowledge. The color most associated with intellect is yellow and the Noor Straight-Neck One Piece is the perfect marriage of Gemini’s color correspondence as well as Gemini’s  adaptability — as this top can be worn four ways. Pair it with a high ponytail and thick-framed glasses.

Cancer: Luna Ruched Top

Lovely Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which has historically been associated with the Divine Feminine and yin energy. Cancers are nurturing, compassionate and protective and as cardinal signs, they get the ball rolling when it comes to emotional processing. Cancers display an unmatched emotional depth and since it is currently Cancer season, they’re already in their element and can harness this season's energy for deep emotional healing for the collective. Cancers are encouraged to check in on their friends, family and community and lend an empathetic hand in these times of emotional turmoil. As the emotional light in the dark, The Luna Ruched Top is the aesthetic representation of Cancer's ability to be a beacon of hope during these overwhelming times, plus it’s literally called Luna. How perfect? Pair it with the matching Luna Reversible High-Waisted Bikini Bottom, a terry cloth robe and fresh cotton sheets to create the emotional fort needed as natural empaths.

Leo: Zephyr Bandeau

Immediately following the season of the Moon, is the season of the Sun and the sign it rules over, Leo. Leos are fixed signs, meaning they are in for the work and as such dominant signs, they have the capability to actively advocate. As proud lions, Leos are authoritative,  dramatic and regal. This sign is the embodiment of “use your voice” and encouraged to use their literal voices to demand change and justice.  Refined but bold activism takes the form of the Zephyr Bandeau, which has a removable halter strap for more variety. Pair it with the matching Zephyr Reversible High-Waisted Bikini Bottom, a chignon and gold accessories for a glamorous look.

Virgo: Oasis Ruched Hipster Bikini Bottom

Mercury-ruled Virgo is personified as the maiden, meaning she is dependable, humble, analytical and mature. As a mutable sign, Virgos are about getting the job done and this really applies when it comes to the pandemic. As such a meticulous sign who are notorious for their cleanliness, nothing is more irritating than people’s carelessness especially when it comes to matters of germs and hygiene, as it affects the whole collective and as the ultimate Earth mother, so Virgo is not down with that. This pragmatic determination is exemplified by the Oasis Ruched Hipster Bikini Bottom which features a flattering waistband and ruche detail which stays in place for our practical Virgos. Pair it with the matching Oasis Bandeau, silver hoops and a low, slicked back bun. 

Libra: Harmony Reversible French Cut Bikini Bottom

Darling Libra, who is ruled by Venus, is a cardinal sign that is all about balance. Libras are charming, harmonious, diplomatic and on a relentless quest for justice, especially now. Libras are innate peacekeepers as their desire for harmony between all things is fierce. As such a charismatic sign, Libras are encouraged to do their part in deescalating online and real life arguments and doing what they can to graciously have tough discussions with the other side and use that infamous diplomacy to help people see reason and compassion. Luckily this sign already has its charming counterpart by name, a.k.a. the Harmony Reversible French Cut Bikini Bottom. Pair with the matching Harmony Bandeau, a terry cloth bucket hat and a cowrie shell necklace, for a cute peacekeeper aesthetic.

Scorpio: Zephyr Reversible French Cut Bikini Bottom

Ruled by transformative Pluto, fixed sign Scorpio is cunning, intuitive, intense and strategic. Because Pluto is the planet of power and evolution, Scorpios have an incredible capability to work with and within their shadows, as well as the shadows of society, and have incredible gifts of chaotic transmutation. This unique gift and vision makes Scorpios the perfect identifiers of all the things that could go wrong during all of this civil unrest, and are subsequently able to share and spread that information to ensure that people are taking the appropriate precautions — goggles, water, phone numbers, etc. This daring and purposeful energy is seductively mirrored by the Zephyr Reversible French Cut Bikini Bottom. Pair it with messy hair, waist beads, and the black Wolfpack Tank, as you set out to protect the pack.

Sagittarius: Amalfi Bandeau

Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is a mutable sign that is independent, philosophical, dynamic and restless. These adventurous souls crave freedom and knowledge above anything else and will do whatever it takes to attain those things. The undeniable inhumanity being displayed lately is undoubtedly an insult to noble and enlightened Sagittarians very being and as a mutable sign, Sagittarius demands action and results. Sagittarians are encouraged to engage with literature and film that deal with the psychology of things like racism and the power of propaganda. These unorthodox souls are personified by the eccentric Amalfi Bandeau, which captures the Sagittarius essence of independence and individuality with its dominant color of turquoise that is representative of freedom. Pair it with the Amalfi Reversible High-Waisted Bikini Bottom, a wicker hat and sandals to achieve that stay-cation energy.

Capricorn: Oasis Reversible High-Waisted Bikini Bottom

Ruled by stern Saturn, Capricorns are pragmatic, disciplined and prestigious, and like Aries, a cardinal sign that is defined by action and hard-work. Capricorns are incredibly persistent and methodical which makes them very capable leaders who have an innate ability to organize. These diligent beings are also rather prestigious and always make sure that they are seen, heard and respected by their desired audience. This cool and powerful demeanor is mirrored by the equally cool and powerful Oasis Reversible High-Wasited Bikini Bottom, which is accented by Capricorn’s color correspondence of black, and can be reversed to a solid black. Pair it with the Make Sustainability Sexy Tee in Slate, white sneakers and a black mask for ultimate protective presence that is also practical and mobile.

Aquarius: Aquarius Straight-Neck One Piece

Notoriously considered the aliens and likewise, humanitarians of the zodiac, Uranus-ruled Aquarius is innovative, altruistic, rebellious and unique. They are inventive and resourceful fixed signs. Aquarius understands the power of grassroots movements and the reality that, “the bigger picture” is altered in accordance to ideals that work their way up the congressional ladders from small communities who have decided to be proactive. Aquarians individuality and resourcefulness is uniquely embodied by the *Aquarius* Straight-Neck One Piece (FYI it is incredibly satisfying that this print is literally called Aquarius, and designed by an Aquarius). Pair it with your favorite denim, gold jewelry and cute socks for a playful look that lightens the mood while engaging in tedious but rewarding work.

Pisces: Jungle Ruched Top

And alas, we arrive at the last sign of the zodiac, dreamy Pisces. Ruled by illusory Neptune, mutable Pisces is intuitive, compassionate, artistic and introspective. Being the last sign of the zodiac comes with a lot of emotional baggage carried from the rest of the zodiac but likewise comes with an innate wisdom and detachment that is indicative of deep emotional awareness. This visceral well of emotions that Pisces experiences is often expressed through art, in a variety of mediums. As seasoned practitioners of art as release and even therapy, Pisces has a beautiful gift to share by guiding people toward artistic expression. This gentle and romantic energy has manifested in the form of the dainty Jungle Ruched Top, which can be worn four ways, and whose ruched side worn on the back, looks like butterfly wings. Pair it with the matching Jungle Ruched Hipster Bikini Bottom, a scarf worn loosely in the hair and silver accessories, to radiate a dreamy, modern renaissance artist aesthetic.

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About the Author

Gabriela Rosales @thestylistwitch

Gabriela is fashion stylist based in Los Angeles, specializing in the use of one’s wardrobe as the ultimate magical tool. Being a Venusian-ruled triple Taurus, Gabriela’s divine purpose is to empower others through the self-loving ritual of adornment. For her, beauty is not an obligation or a convention, but a way of being.

June 30, 2020