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In Dust We Trust  
Wolven Threads Playa '16

A kaleidoscopic reflection of the yogi spirit - Wolven Threads
yoga tops and leggings perfect
from sunny playa days chilly playa nights


Face jewels help complete the look, whether it's face paint or beautiful bindis,
always remember with festy fashion more is more.

It's amazing what we can learn when we throw ourselves into the universe and allow it to present us with it's gifts.  Adventure on your own, you are your own best teacher.

Our fabrics are handcrafted with super soft, luxurious material.  Don't be afraid to splash some water on yourself and get your threads WET, they are moisture-wicking and quick-drying and will help you cool down on hot playa days.  


Relationships made on the playa are the best, nourish them and take time to reflect in gratitude for those around you helping to create the magic



Special thanks to our beautiful models Isabella McFayden (@isabellaivy_) and Maia Campbell (@maia_campbell) and photographer Francisco Tavoni (@tavoni)