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Wolven Micro plastic Wash Bag
Wolven Microplastic Wash Bag

Microfiber Filter Wash Bag

For each sale, Wolven removes one pound of waste from the ocean.

Introducing the Microfiber Filter Wash Bag. Why? Because we want to make sure you Make Sustainability Sexy, even when you’re doing your laundry.

Did you know that millions of microfibers originate from all your favorite activewear and swimwear? These tiny toxic fibers make their way from your washing machine to the oceans and rivers where they damage ecosystems, work their way up the food chain, and even threaten human health. Your tap water and even single-use bottled water (eek!) usually contain these micro-plastics too. 

Micro-plastic pollution is a huge environmental problem. Polyester, nylon, acrylic, and other synthetic fibers — all forms of plastic — are now used in the majority of all clothing produced worldwide. We take this issue seriously and strive to create solutions to reduce your environmental impact. 

Special ‘monofilament’ laundry bags catch shedding fibers and can save up to 90% of them from entering wastewater! Do your part to protect your oceans and waterways by investing in a microfiber filter bag before your next wash. Remember to wash cold, use liquid detergent (less friction and shedding), and skip the dryer.

Wash bag dimensions: 50x70 cm

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