"I’m currently living in this eco-friendly, geometric-print set by Wolven — these leggings are easily the softest pair I own."

"There are a lot of things I love about these shorts: the wrap waistband, pockets, vegan suede-like material, and the variety of beautiful colors."

"I love where these hit me on my waist and honestly, these make me want to throw all my old leggings in the trash."

"Along with recycled and natural materials in production, Wolven invests in programs that offset emissions."

"Wolven has a diverse and loyal fanbase. The sustainable activewear company makes flattering clothing for men and women, in super fun stand-out prints."

"Wolven is here to take your yoga pants, leggings, sports bras and more to the next level, using BPA-free water bottles and turning them into activewear made to last."

"The 84 percent recycled polyester blend of this legging makes it totally squat-proof, which is another reason to love it."

"I am already obsessed with Wolven’s crossover waistband — now that I know they make bike shorts, I need to rave about these, too."

"It's time to start wearing this trendy fall color. Such a good color combo."

"Wolven is perhaps best known for its ultra-flattering leggings and bike shorts, which feature a stylish crossover waistband."

"The deep side pockets is what initially drew me to these shorts, how comfortable they are is what makes me want them in every color."

"If you're looking for cute activewear that's on trend and still functional, you need Wolven in your life."