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Wolven's Sustainable Gift Guide

Let’s be real, most of us aren’t leaving our homes much nowadays, so comfy clothes make for the perfect gift this holiday season. Not only will this gift last them for years, it is sustainable and you can feel good about giving it to your mom, sis, or best friend. We even have some great gifts for the fellas in your life. 

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Wolfpack Style Guide: Sagittarius Edition

Represented by The Archer and ruled by expansive and prosperous Jupiter, Sagittarius is adventurous, confident, optimistic, restless and magnetic and as such, this time of year is often exciting and exhilarating however…we are unfortunately still in lockdown mode. Sagittarius season in lockdown is an oxymoronic statement in itself however, adventure doesn’t always have to be found externally. In fact, this year’s bizarreness now presents us with a unique opportunity to take this Sagittarian adventure energy and focus it inwards, for inner adventure and expansiveness. 

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Wolf of the Month: Alicia

November's Wolf of the Month, Alicia Conner, is a model and Wolven Ambassador. She uses her voice as a model to spread word of brands that inspire change through fair trade business models and environmental impact reduction.  Where are you from, where do you live, and what do you do? My name is Alicia Conner and I was born in Mississippi, but I live in Atlanta. I work in the fashion industry. What led you to join the Wolfpack? I care about the environment and being eco-friendly. Wolven has such unique clothing designs, and I like to create content that encourages helping others. I like to promote brands that give back. What’s the best part about being a Wolven Ambassador...

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Wolf of the Month: Cas

Wolf of the Month, Cas Foley, is a passionate Wolven ambassador. Her Instagram page, @oceanyogacas, is full of beautiful content of her performing yoga poses in Wolven on a gorgeous coastline. Her photos are always paired with inspiring messages - ranging from reminders to be kind to yourself and others, to why you should trust in the process of life.

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Wolfpack Style Guide: Scorpio Edition

Happy Scorpio season, babes. Ruled by transformational and destructive (but also regenerative) Pluto, Scorpio is cunning, passionate, strategic, magnetic, sexual and has an intimate relationship with their shadow, on a level that is rarely experienced. 

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