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Wolf of the Month: Trish

Our Wolf of the Month for February is Trish Taylor. Trish is a stellar ambassador, and always active in the Wolven community. She is passionate and creative in spreading the message of sustainability and sharing Wolven with the world. Where are you from, where do you live, and what do you do? I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada and am currently living close to Toronto City. I’m a Dental Receptionist/Assistant, Social Media Marketer by day, and sustainable fashionista by night. What led you to join the Wolfpack? My love for sustainable fashion, the ocean and animals. I love how Wolven is so invested in creating clothes that don’t harm the planet and everything/everyone in it — specifically, Wolven’s...

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Wolfpack Style Guide: Pisces Edition

Pisces' magical characteristics are manifested in their color correspondences of light green (revitalization, hope, luck), lavender (compassion, mystery), pale yellow (inspiration, optimism) and white (truth, intuition). With these colors and characteristics in mind, I have identified four prints that reflect these qualities. May these prints aid us in our embodiment and subsequent alignment with the energies of Pisces season, allowing us the grace to see this zodiacal year through to the end. 

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Mental Health Issues Facing the Black Community

“Racism is a public health crisis,” according to a May 2020 statement from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). This means that racism — whether unintentional, unconsciously, or concealed — has affected Black Americans’ access to equal and “culturally competent” health care.

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Wolf of the Month: Lauren

Meet Lauren — our Wolf of the Month for January. Lauren is a great example of what we look for in an ambassador — passionate, consistent, and unique. She excels at creating quality content while spreading Wolvens message of sustainability. Where are you from, where do you live, and what do you do? I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I currently live in Oceanside, California. I am a physical education teacher at a high school where I teach Yoga and Dance. I also teach yoga as an associate faculty member at MiraCosta College. In my free time, I offer Stand UP Paddle Yoga classes.  Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I have been teaching online Boga Fit Trainings on...

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Wolfpack Style Guide: Aquarius Edition

Aquarius’ characteristics of innovation, creativity, curiosity, independence, altruism and freedom are represented by the color turquoise which is likewise correspondent to the sign of Aquarius. Taking into consideration this color and these characteristics, I have identified four prints that embody the essence of Aquarian energy and can help inspire us to align ourselves with this season's creative energies, whether you’re an Aquarius or not.

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