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Wolf of the Month: Raven

For July we would like to highlight Raven Burns as our Wolf of the Month. She embodies the spirit of the ocean and spreads awareness for sustainability while offering serenity through her yoga. All while wearing her favorite Wolven gear. 

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Wolfpack Style Guide: Cancer Edition

I have identified the colors and prints that will help us embody the serenity, tranquility and receptivity that is Cancerian energy. Whether you have prominent Cancer placements or just want to align yourself with the energetic cycles of the year, these options will be our Chariots, and us, the Charioteers.

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Wolf of the Month: Danielle

Our Wolf of the Month for May is Danielle Davis. She's true to the sustainability movement and always shows great support to her fellow Wolfpack members. Where are you from, where do you live, and what do you do? I’m from Utah, and after living away, came back because I missed the mountains so much! I’m a mountain child at heart and love the diverse and beautiful landscapes of my home state. I am also an aspiring yoga teacher with a passion for women’s health and wellness and hope to help women take charge of their hormones and energy.   What led you to join the Wolfpack? I joined the Wolfpack after purchasing one outfit from Wolven because I fell in...

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Wolfpack Style Guide: Gemini Edition

With all of Geminis characteristics, energies and colors in mind, I have deduced the prints that best encapsulate the essence of Gemini season to create a Style Guide. Embody its dynamism and subsequently move through the season with more ease.

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The 4 Elements and How They Can Help with Mental Health

If you didn’t already know, this month is Mental Health Awareness Month and we are here to provide our Wolfpack with accessible and healthy ways to nurture and maintain our mental well-being. After the last year of quarantine, we have all been subject to at least some level of mental health struggle.

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