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Mindful Eating: Why Our Food Should be More Connected to Our Thought

Our insanely busy lives can often drown out the relationship we have with our thoughts, feelings, and sensations. When our connection to our mind and body is not clear, this makes it hard to express emotions, make decisions, and process situations with a clear, rational mind. @andreahelfrichoffic in the Cayenne Pyramid Top and Cayenne Pocket Legging. Practicing mindfulness is an extremely broad, life-encompassing term to describe the practice of sustaining attention on the body, the breath, thoughts, feelings, sensations, or whatever arises in each moment. The process of mindfulness can be applied to almost any daily activity and can greatly enhance one's life with improved mental clarity, increased concentration, a greater sense of empathy and oneness with one's environment.  But...

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5 Healing Benefits of Indoor Plants You Probably Didn't Know

Ambassador @the_plantbased_yogateacher wears the Fractal Print As humans, our relationship with nature is unlike any other in this world. Plants, trees, shrubs, and grasses provide an abundance of oxygen among many other healing benefits, which we simply cannot live without. Integrating plants into your indoor space has been known to provide many benefits to those who inhabit the space, whilst bringing aesthetic value to your chill pad and bringing you one step closer to our divine mother nature. There is a lot to learn from plants, so below we've listed some reasons you may not know why plants can enhance your space.   Mental Health Gifting flowers to others on special occasions is a tradition brought on to help convey one's...

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Why Your Beach Trips Could Be More Therapeutic Than You Think

Why Your Beach Trips Could Be More Therapeutic Than You Think About 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by water. We, as humans, are made up of about 55-60% water. Water is the binding element between us and our environment, and it is the nature of the bodies of water that surround us that ultimately affects us in ways greater than we may ever know. Seawater has been used for medical purposes for hundreds of years, even before your regular recreational trip down to the beach was considered normal! Historically, doctors would recommend a seaside trip to improve various conditions. They would actually issue prescriptions giving patients detailed information on how long to stay in the water, and under what...

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3 Essential Oils to Replace Your Beauty Routine

3 Essential Oils to Completely Replace Your Beauty Routine Have you ever come home with a new beauty product and never ended up really needing it? Maybe it was something on sale, something new, maybe it was just a brand you’ve used before or another perfume to add to the collection. I speak from experience when I say that it can be so easy to end up with a bunch of beauty products that just don’t work the way you want them to. There's an over-saturation of products on the market, and a vast range of price and qualities, which means it can be really difficult to determine what products are right for you and your skin. On top of...

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