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WCW: Alexa of Fueled Naturally

WCW: Alexa of Fueled Naturally My name is Alexa, I am from San Diego, CA. I am the creator, food photographer and recipe developer behind My blog is my little-sacred space of vibrant, delicious, plant-based recipes. My goal behind what I do is to show that at the end of the day, vegan food is JUST food. It could be delicious, nourishing and beautiful too! I live my life doing what I love...Endless hours spent in the kitchen perfecting recipes I think of at 12:00 am, food styling + photography, running my small business; Blissful Gatherings (A San Diego vegan pop-up dinner party) and spending time in coffee shops sipping on tea and connecting/ sharing my life with the...

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Meatless Monday: Vegan Salad Rolls with an Adaptogenic Dipping Sauce

Vegan Salad Rolls with an Adaptogenic Dipping Sauce By Kyra Mueller-Yamamoto | Simple, fresh and empowering- these salad rolls are surely a creative treat. Salad rolls are unique in that you can customize them with any veggie, color or fresh herb you would like! I always love making a variety of colors, patterns and blends depending on my mood and whatever is in season. Coupled alongside an adaptogenic dipping sauce that is gut-healing and body calming. Reishi mushroom is the adaptogen that is tucked inside this creamy sauce. This mushroom is one of the most potent adaptogens available and are known in Chinese medicine as the ‘mushroom of immortality.’ Reishi helps promote calmness, wisdom, longevity and helps fortify the immune...

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Meatless Monday: Vegan Walnut Rosemary Bread

Vegan Walnut Rosemary Bread There are few things in life as delicious as a simple loaf of bread. In middle school, I used to go to Cheesecake Factoryonly to eat their brown bread they gave in the baskets when you sat at the table. By the time the food came, I was always 12 loaves deep. However, in the quest of being healthy and cutting grains out of my diet (which has honestly made me feel so much better than any bread coma ever has) binging on bread is far back in my eating history. I’ve actually totally stopped even craving bread, much preferring fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Until I learned the raw vegan recipe at Matthew Kenney Culinary and my...

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Meatless Monday: Raw Vegan Cesar Salad

Raw Vegan Cesar Salad I like to call Caesar Salad the unhealthy person’s favorite salad (aka my boyfriend’s.) The only thing healthy about a Caesar is the lettuce hiding underneath the mayo-filled dressing, crispy croutons and anchovies. I truly believe the reason Caesar salads are so popular because they reminisce components of a sandwich (bread, mayo, animal protein..) However, those are the exact ingredients that make it the least healthy salad. But what if there was a way to enjoy the infamous Caesar salad without mayo-and-oil-filled dressing, bread croutons and anchovies? Let me fill you in on a secret. There is. And that’s way more delicious (and nutriticous) then even the most abundant Caesar Salad. This recipe is based off the...

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