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April 2019 Horoscope

Bigger, better, bolder. The active, energetic and impulsive Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, symbolizing new beginnings and bringing with it a boost of energy (which I'm sure we all needed). April 2019 comes with a chance for most of us to reflect deeply on who we are, what and who makes us happy and what our purpose is within the world. Communication may feel more energized and possibly aggressive, and the pace of your day-to-day may go from 0 to 100 real quick. A full moon in Libra toward the end of the month provides balance and asks us to consider the relationships around us and helps us get what we want through charm and grace.

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December Horoscopes 2018

We wrap up the last month of 2018 with the presence of the planet of life lessons, Saturn, guiding us through each aspect of our life and asking us to think deeply about the way we connect with others, the way we make money, the way we love, and the way we express ourselves and think creatively. Mercury goes into retrograde AGAIN until the 20th, making communication with others and with your higher self a little more strenuous than usual, but this will conclude with a developed sense of perspective. Remember to take adequate rest during this busy period, and enjoy the simple pleasures in life! ARIES:Our planetary system continues to shake things up, weaving in and out of different signs...

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September Horoscopes: Magic, Big Moves and Deepest Desires

ARIES: The stars support you Aries babes in working toward being super practical and intellectual regarding money and work this month. You may find yourself having to work hard for what you want financially and personally, meaning your relationships are kind of put on hold for a little bit. You are a powerhouse of motivation with a super clear head about what you want to do and what you need to learn in order to achieve. You may also find yourself inclined toward bigger causes, social affairs and helping the community toward the end of the month. TAURUS: Taurus, your September is full of changing energy but ultimately it will be important for you to focus on your quality of life and long-term...

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Rising From the Ashes: August 2018 Horoscopes

Rising From the Ashes: August 2018 Horoscopes Wow! We've made it to August baby!! Its been a very intense last few months… lots of eclipses, and many planets in retrograde. However, it's all coming to an end very soon, and this will be the last intense month of the year. This also means it’s the last month to make those big changes, transform, do something amazing and set our lives on the right path! With mars still in retrograde, our fiery willpower and drive increases. This is fantastic for setting your mind to achieving things and gives us the courage to take chances, but avoid thinking irrationally and try your best to avoid arguments. Additionally, with mercury still in retrograde,...

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Staying Calm in Quicksand: Mars Retrograde and the Capricorn Full Moon

Stalled.   Still. Stuck. We pause patiently in between two worlds, a position both uncomfortable and uncertain. With one foot in the past and one foot in the present, the tension begins to mount. Something’s gotta give. Mars’ retrograde phase begins today, June 26th, and will be weaving its way backward through the zodiac until late August 2018. This retrograde sets the tone for the entirety of the summer: one of backward motion, imperfect movement, and at times total stillness. Lack of forward motion for fiery, assertive, and action-oriented Mars can create considerable frustration and turbulence in our lives. This retrograde will not be slowing down the pace of our lives, it is actually more likely to heat situations up in order for...

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