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We wrap up the last month of 2018 with the presence of the planet of life lessons, Saturn, guiding us through each aspect of our life and asking us to think deeply about the way we connect with others, the way we make money, the way we love, and the way we express ourselves and think creatively. Mercury goes into retrograde AGAIN until the 20th, making communication with others and with your higher self a little more strenuous than usual, but this will conclude with a developed sense of perspective. Remember to take adequate rest during this busy period, and enjoy the simple pleasures in life!
Our planetary system continues to shake things up, weaving in and out of different signs and in and out of retrogrades, so don't fret if you feel your emotions suddenly shift! Aries may need to overcome irritation with others up until the 20th when Mercury seizes its retrograde. During Mercury's retrograde period, it is important for you to be patient with your loved ones, your natural urge to take the lead instead of potentially helping guide others can be tested here.
You've got a lot to reflect on coming into the new year, remember to keep a level-headed perspective. Morning meditation and the odd self-care-day is the perfect opportunity for you to look within and talk to your higher self about what you want to achieve this coming 12 months.
You're gaining momentum this month Taurus, aspects of your life such as your career and romance will seem to gain unexpected opportunities… so I say, seize them, girl! But don't get too excited just yet, you may find yourself questioning your passions and possibly feeling a little confused about them. Remember not to resolve this by putting up walls and pushing your loved ones out, they may always help provide an insight you may never have thought about.
You may feel like you're speaking a language no one else can understand while Mercury, your ruler, is in retrograde until the 20th. However, Saturn appears in your chart around aspects of talents and money, which may help you to consider your core values and what you truly stand for, and as you start to make this clear to yourself, this may help you communicate what you want. Particularly listen to those who give you wise advice.
This month, Saturn asks you to assess, evaluate, and put in the work to reap the rewards. You may find your position within your social circle, opportunities for love and for career may arise, only if you are willing to dedicate time to them. Take some extra time and care to work through any sense of confusion you may have. As the end of the month approaches, you'll want to spend time around others, both your nearest and dearest and possibly with some new friends.
This is the month to let your thoughts run free, you never know where they may end up! Embrace that wild, passionate, creative side, Leo. You're feeling ready for new and exciting experiences from the energy of Jupiter in your chart, which may take shape as a job promotion, job change, or new plans both professionally and personally. Your hard work in the small areas of your life are starting to pay off, the routine can be boring, but you're starting to see its benefits!
Jupiter appears in your chart, bringing excitement for new experiences and a zap of motivation to exercise your talents or skills. This may feel a little out-of-character, embracing your creative and impulsive side. However, by taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone, you'll find great pleasure and reap rewards for it. Romance and relationships may also become important to you this month.
As the year winds down to an end, so do you. Slow and steady wins the race, and you're ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. This might be a great time for you to work on any business ventures or ideas that you can develop in the comfort of your home, such as writing, or making art. Don't fret if you find the words aren't coming to your head as easily as you want them to, you'll start to feel more direct with your thoughts from the 26th. Spend the end of this year reminding those what peace and relaxation means.
This month Scorpio darlings show their devotion to their word and may provide great insight or inspiration to others. Make those around you proud by seizing your opportunities, the next few months may turn into an exciting professional future for you. It's important for you to be aware of your health and don't get too festive too fast, take adequate rest, and spend time with loved ones.
Happy birthday Sagi darlings! Your zest for life, positivity, and expansive mindset will be magnetic to friends and loved ones, so jingle and mingle baby! With all this inspiration and excitement, Saturn appears in your chart, reminding you to stay humble and grounded. You will achieve some form of success, whether that be travel, learning something new, developing professional success, or building a strong social identity. Happy days!
The stars are the limit Capricorn, or are they? Think big this month regarding your career, let your creative and intuitive side have a say in where you want to work and what you want to work for. What drives the work you do? What purpose does it serve to you? Take time this month to keep all aspects of your life in balance, the busy season tends to throw them out of whack. Don’t stay alone with negative thoughts, and reach out when you need it.
Personal development, particularly in regards to your health routine and career will become important to you this month Aquarius. Make this whole month about you, and do exactly and only what makes you happy… ok? Maybe you've been thinking about developing a new skill you can apply to your work? New interests are starting to emerge this month. You'll soak up inspiration from all around you like a sponge which may drive some exciting developments in the next few months!
Pisces can smell magic in the air from a mile away. Endeavor in creative pursuits and over time you might find great success in the development of feelings or earning money. Your sensitivity to your intuition will help you when it comes to embracing that which you cannot control. Although, the festive season can often mean blowing your savings, so monitor spending wisely.


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