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 1,2,3… Happy New Year! Here at Wolven, we are committed to making 2019 our most sustainable year yet. It’s time to do better, think better and be better. We’ve brainstormed 19 fun, easy and inexpensive ways be more sustainable in 2019.

Bring reusable tumblers to coffee shops

Get your daily dose of caffeine without the guilt. Bringing a reusable tumbler to coffee shops will not only cut down on your waste but could score you a discount on your beverage. Bringing your own cup will save 500 billion cups from landfills each year. Did you know these cups are seemingly recyclable, but they are actually lined with plastic? Because of this, 99.75% of these cups end up in landfills.

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Explore more using public transportation

Save the planet and some money by utilizing your town’s public transportation system. Not only will you save money on gas and parking- your choice to ride public will emit less greenhouse gas and pollutants.

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Incorporate more plant-based options into your diet

One of the easiest ways to show our planet some love is to switch to a more plant-based diet. Including more plant-based options in your diet will cut down on your greenhouse gas emissions, preserve habitats and species and converse water. Check out our favorite plant-based recipe for CBD Bliss Balls.

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Shop local and organic produce

Instead of buying your produce from mass chain realtors, spend your Sunday’s browsing your local Farmer’s Market. Shopping locally not only supports small businesses, but it also reduces greenhouse gasses emitted from mass transportation.

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Opt for faux leather

Purchasing faux leather clothing items instead of the real deal supports sustainable and ethical fashion practices while keeping you cute, cool and confident.

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Invest in reusable bamboo utensils

Single-use plastic is one of the most environmentally damaging practices our on-the-go society partakes in. If you’re constantly on the move like we are, consider investing in a set of reusable bamboo utensils. Along with reducing carbon dioxide emissions and increasing oxygen levels, bamboo is a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to single-use plastics.

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Switch to reusable period products

It's estimated that every year 45 billion period products are thrown in the garbage. Switching to more sustainable period products such as diva cups, reusable pads or period underwear is a simple and cost-effective way to positively impact the environment. Talk about #girlpower.

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Create your own beauty products

Make sustainability fun by gathering a group of friends to create DIY beauty products. Homemade cosmetics are an easy and fun way to ensure your products are clean, cruelty-free and eco-friendly- score!

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Thrift with friends

The secrets out, thrifting is the new online shopping. Head over to your local vintage store to support local businesses, discover rare finds and save some serious coin.

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Take your practice outside

Switch up your yoga routine by taking it to the great outdoors. Practicing outdoors will cut down on water and electricity usage from studios and put you more in touch with Mother Nature- OM.

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Become your own barista

Consider creating your own caffeine creations at home! Brewing your morning cup is not only more cost-effective, but it also allows you to be creative, intentional and eco-friendly while reducing waste produced from coffee shops.

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Adopt, don’t shop

When looking to add a fur baby into the family, scope out local shelters before heading to a breeder. Opting to adopt your new best friend will help stop pet overpopulation, save you money and support local charities.

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Attend a beach clean up with your besties

Show our oceans some much-needed love by attending a beach clean-up event in your hometown. Not only will volunteering empower, educate and inspire you and your friends- it will also help reduce pollution and enhance wildlife habitats.

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Reuse, reuse, reuse!

Give your empty containers a second life by turning them into functional pieces of art. Wine bottles become flower vases with a quick wash and candles become jars with a little paint job and some love.

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Bring your own reusable bag, everywhere.

Sustainability begins with consciousness. Remembering to bring your reusable bag takes practice, but once it is a part of your daily routine, it will feel like second nature. Put your reusable bags in your car, your suitcase, or even your backpack to make sure you always have one, even when you randomly stop in the store to get a few things.  It takes between 15 and 1,000 years for a plastic bag to decompose, and the United States uses 100 billion new plastic bags each year.

Host a movie night

Netflix and chill just got a makeover: eco-friendly style! Gather up your besties, blankets, and snacks for a documentary movie night. Education is the first step in creating the change you wish to see. Some of our favorite documentaries include: “Cowspiracy”, “Black Fish” and “Forks Over Knives’”.

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Ditch single use plastics

It’s no secret that single-use plastics are a danger to the environment. For this new year, we vow to ditch all single-use plastics. In our convince centered society, single-use plastics can easily be replaced with more sustainable, reusable alternatives such as bamboo utensils and canvas grocery bags.

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Buy less, do more

Here at Wolven, we believe in the power of a minimalist mindset. Buying less not only clears up space, physically and mentally, but it also allows you to do more. Take the money you would spend on objects and put to towards causes and experiences that matter.

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Detox your home with house plants

Spice up your spice with a few indoor plants. Houseplants help reduce pollutants such as ozone, produce more oxygen and brighten your mood. Some of our favorites include Garden Mum, Spider Plant, and Dracaena.

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Support eco-friendly brands

Fast fashion has a huge negative impact on our environment. Water pollution, toxic chemical use, and textile waste are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this massive issue. The good news? You have the ability to vote with your dollar. Supporting small, local and sustainable brands is one easy way you can make an impact. 

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About the author, Sarah Oliveras (@saraholiveras)

Living in the beautiful Pacific North West, Sarah is passionate about all things self-love, sustainability, and wellness. Earlier this year, she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training and is now teaching at a few local studios. This aspiring actress is so stoked to be interning with Wolven this fall season and can't wait to get creating! xo

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