january horoscopes 2019As we close the door on what was a perspective-shifting, reflective 2018, we open a bright, shining door to a brand new year, a fresh start, a chance to implement your new ways of thinking into a new routine. January is the perfect time to really start putting thoughts into actions and setting up for what will be a very exciting year.



Everything to do with your career, your success, and your purpose is brought to the forefront this month. That new year vibe has got you feeling and looking fresh, making for the perfect opportunity to communicate with your boss, your colleagues or potential business partners and start setting things up for the future. You may also feel like you're in more of a position to attract your right kind of love. You've got the power!



Venus (your ruling planet) enters Sagittarius this month, proposing that you dive deeper into the meaning behind your romantic relationships and the way you think about love and sex. Is sex a performance? A task? A bind between two souls? An outlet for frustration, desire, or connection? Whatever it is, this month is a great time unpack those emotions, and maybe try something new. Overall, this month is full of exciting new experiences and many memories to make.



That old cliché saying 'new year, new me' really comes into play for you this month Gemini. Your perspectives regarding your love life, intimacy, and outward success will be challenged and of foremost importance to you. Be wary of creating unnecessary friction or disruption of power between you and your other half.



January welcomes all Cancerians into the new year with a positive looking month. This may be a great time to tune back into your work-mode and start considering any new and exciting career ventures or ideas… the energy in your workplace will be a great space for cultivating this. You're also getting a clearer understanding of your connections to those around you, what they mean to you, and what you mean to them. Remember to avoid holding onto relationships if they do not serve you anymore.



With the turn of a new year, Leo's will find themselves placing importance on their daily routines, health and wellbeing, and concerns regarding home life. Maybe you overindulged during the festive season? Stick to those new years resolutions and integrate some healthy habits into your routine. Your romantic relationships are full of energy this month.



Financials in all senses will seem effortless this month, but be careful to not become too free-spirited with your spending. This year you have a great potential to uncover your creative expression and that which makes you, well, you! Spend some quality time with yourself this month, journaling and reflecting on what you believe you are here on this earth to accomplish.



Time spent with loved ones and around the house will be of great emotional benefit to you Libra. However, you may also find yourself magnetic to social groups and social settings. Communication with others takes an exciting, perspective-shifting turn. Health and financial wellbeing are great this month.



Full speed ahead Scorpio! January welcomes you into the new year with an active mind and a busy social schedule. Communication flows easily but relationships with those that are near and dear to you may have some friction. Compromise and a clear understanding of others will help you through any sticky situations this month. Financials are also great this month.



With many planets floating in your sign including lucky Jupiter, energetic Mars, and sensual Venus, your January will kick off the year full of excitement and possibility! Now more than ever you have the chance to use this boost of energy to set up career advancing, social boosting, spiritually and morally aligned projects and goals. The key is to tune in to your emotional self and make this a sanctuary. You may be feeling extremely sensual, but be wary of getting too fired up and creating power tension with your partner.



Now more than ever you have the energy and capacity to turn any new endeavors or projects into a reality. Capricorn's have the ability to put in the hard work to get where they want to be, but this process needs to include the mental, emotional work that drives your success. Why do you want to achieve this? What purpose does achieving this goal serve to your higher self? You'll feel like your in a comfortable position to make changes, both physically and emotionally throughout the month. Keep yourself active to avoid the restlessness.



Spend time outside this month Aquarius. Nature often provides you with your spiritual and emotional insights. The end of 2018 may have been super draining, so take this month to rest, recover and reflect. Your intuition is a powerful thing, and if you listen to it enough, you'll know exactly when to address certain issues with those around you.



If you've had any ongoing issues regarding your career or work over the past few months, then January 2019 will bring the perfect opportunity for you to work through it. Your personal style,  aesthetic and social standing is good this month which is stemming from your unusual desire to develop a strong outward self. Get out there and make new connections, network, and express yourself in whatever way you see fit.


About The Author: Lauren Crabtree (@crabbypatty__)

Lauren is a passionately driven graphics designer and content creator living in Sydney, Australia. Her work is driven by the desire for a positive future, one that returns to a love for the handmade, one that respects the impacts of textiles on mother nature and one that understands the powers of intuition and self-awareness. Lauren loves to blog about creativity, sustainability, astrology, health, and wellbeing. She loves to weave, crochet, eco-dye, screen print, and yoga.

December 31, 2018

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