The Shakti Print

Shakti, meaning 'power' in Hindi, is the ultimate statement print designed to energize and invigorate your true sense of self. The deep, bright red of this print activates the root chakra, stimulating a sense of grounding, protection, and inner strength.

Shakti Jogger $78.00 $96.00 Sale price
Shakti Legging $88.00 Regular price
Shakti High-Waisted Short $62.00 Regular price
Shakti Reversible 4-Way Top $68.00 Regular price
Shakti Racerback Bra $54.00 Regular price
Shakti Reversible Tie Top $52.00 Regular price
Shakti Front Cut-Out Top $58.00 Regular price
Men's Shakti Jogger $96.00 Regular price
Men's Shakti Short $68.00 Regular price
Shakti Ranger Reversible One Piece $99.00 $129.00 Sale price

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