The Dream Journey: A Full Moon in Sagittarius

A warm and vibrant full moon graces us in the sign of Sagittarius on May 29th, heightening our desire to feed our wanderlust and to express our individual freedom. The energy of this full moon is comparatively more fun and boisterous than last month’s insular and emotionally penetrating Scorpio full moon. Sagittarius is interested in self-expression, social reform, and personal freedom.

This full moon in Sagittarius is glowing in all of our charts, meaning there’s a part in all of us that are seeking expansion, a better understanding of our own philosophies and idealism. This full moon will strongly illuminate our inner need for freedom and exploration in our everyday worlds, even to the point that we may feel that we require some breathing room in our closest relationships, as Sagittarius energy is unbound and wanting to break free from any kind of restraint. 

Today is a great day to dream, to envision, and to explore our minds or environments. Sagittarius shoots it's arrow into the sky above to lift our minds far off of the earthly plane and to help us get a new perspective on life and the world below. This Sagittarius full moon gives us a burst of energy to find our freedom by way of exploration; through journeying simply on the physical plane, in your neighborhood, or simply through books of knowledge and philosophy that can transport us out of our body.

Sagittarius energy is bright, expressive, and unconventional. During this full moon, make some time for yourself to embody this fiery energy and longing for adventure. Even if you can’t afford to go off gallivanting somewhere far, try to explore parts of your city that you’ve perhaps never ventured to.

Sagittarius wants to see how the world connects in all of it's complex and beautiful interrelatedness. This full moon in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, who is currently transiting through the dark caverns of Scorpio, prompting us to equally explore our current emotional landscape as well as our outer world.

Later in the evening of May 29th, Mercury moves out of slow and steady Taurus and joins the Sun in speedy Gemini. Mercury has added potency in Gemini, as he is ruler of the sign and thus feels right at home. Mercury in Gemini electrifies our thoughts, quickening our mental responses and heightening our need to exchange information with others.

We may long to socialize with our friend groups to gossip and gab. This will be a great time for any kind of endeavors involving writing, speaking, and teaching- all of which are talents of Gemini. Do keep an eye out for overactive mental processes as well, for our minds can get fried as they race rapidly and intake information now. Mercury will be in Gemini until June 12th, so take advantage of the increase in thoughts and desire to write!

Venus, our planet of relationship and beauty, is currently moving through Cancer, making our need to connect with our home and family quite strong. We may fall into a pattern of mothering our partners now and can potentially make them feel smothered. Being home and cozy with our closest of kin is desirable right now, as is cooking our favorite meals and redecorating our homes.

It's a great time for reconnecting with your family and staying low-key in terms of parties and social events.  Venus is in Cancer until June 14th, when she moves forward into dramatic and playful Leo, bringing us out of our homes and into the spotlight!


Have a fantastic full moon, Sagittarian dreamers!!

Love, @MackAndTheZodiac


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