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Make Sustainability Sexy This 4th of July With These 5 Tips On How To Use Less Plastic

Ditch the plastic this July 4th as part of your contribution to Plastic Free July! Plastic Free July is a campaign that focuses on plastic pollution, and how we can reduce it to make the summer more eco-friendly. The idea is to avoid any disposable items for a whole month. While this is definitely a challenge, you can always start with one disposable product to avoid and build from there. Here are some tips for ways to avoid as many disposable items as you can for the month, and jumpstart a more sustainable lifestyle.

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January 2019 Horoscopes

As we close the door on what was a perspective-shifting, reflective 2018, we open a bright, shining door to a brand new year, a fresh start, a chance to implement your new ways of thinking into a new routine. January is the perfect time to really start putting thoughts into actions and setting up for what will be a very exciting year.   ARIES: Everything to do with your career, your success, and your purpose is brought to the forefront this month. That new year vibe has got you feeling and looking fresh, making for the perfect opportunity to communicate with your boss, your colleagues or potential business partners and start setting things up for the future. You may also...

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Wolfpack Style: Trippy Mermaids & Psychedelic Fairies Unite

We are so excited to launch our new style blog and what better way to kick it off than with a festie fashion guide for one of our favorite festivals, Lightning in a Bottle. LIB is one of our favorite places to dress up because anything goes! We have been scheming and dreaming up new ways to wear our Wolven Threads so we can boogie and woogie all day and all night long. Wolfpack Style: Aqua Aura by the Nuesch Sisters Romping around in a killer swimsuit at LIB is a smart move. The Do Lab and the people of LIB are notorious for spraying water on the crowd during its sweltering days. Wolven Threads Blue Dream Visionary swimsuit,  Rust Locks...

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