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Ditch the plastic this July 4th as part of your contribution to Plastic Free July! Plastic Free July is a campaign that focuses on plastic pollution, and how we can reduce it to make the summer more eco-friendly. The idea is to avoid any disposable items for a whole month. While this is definitely a challenge, you can always start with one disposable product to avoid and build from there. Here are some tips for ways to avoid as many single-use plastics items as you can for the month, and jumpstart a more sustainable lifestyle.

Save the Silverware

In preparation for whatever 4th of July event you decide on, make sure to keep it eco-friendly by bringing your own water bottle to your Fourth of July picnic or party, using reusable plates and utensils, and shopping for supplies with reusable bags. Simple steps like these can help reduce plastic waste. Also remember to remind your party guests to do the same, so that your whole 4th of July get together remains sustainable. 

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Go for the Glass 

For festive party beverages, use glass items like a pitcher or mason jars instead of store-bought plastic items. Not only does this reduce a huge amount of plastic, but it also looks much cuter on the dinner table!

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Purchase Locally 

In preparation for your 4th of July bash, try getting ingredients for your food array from a local farmers market using cloth or paper bags instead of plastic. Many food vendors at the farmers market are willing to restock your own reusable containers which are huge conservation of plastic. 

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Decorate responsibly

A great 4th of July BBQ needs some festive decorations. However, many store-bought party products use an excessive amount of plastic. This year, try buying or making paper-based party decor. This saves more plastic waste, and could work as a fun activity to do with family and friends!

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Round up the troops for an after party cleanup  

Since party guests can leave behind tons of trash, help prevent it from traveling into the ocean by getting involved with a local cleanup, or simply grabbing a group of friends together for a sweep clean up after the party.

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June 28, 2019

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