June Horoscope

If you've been thinking about taking a trip this summer, with nothing but a one-way ticket and your Wolvens, now is the time. Let's just all the take a deep breath together because Gemini season is here. 

Aries in the Turmeric Pyramid Top


The Sun is down in Taurus, your second house of work and money until the end of May, giving you the stamina to maximize results. You’ve had plenty of brilliant ideas this year but now is the time to find time to actually execute them. Change your routines, as much as you dislike the structure and leave room for spontaneity-- don't be afraid of being a little impulsive.

Taurus in the Shakti Reversible Tie Top


Mars will bring you vitality, self-confidence, and courage. Your sexual energy will be intensified along with your desirability and charm. Making this a great time for getting back into dating or working on that current romance. Your initiative will leave your managers impressed at work. Focus on shifting your competitive nature into a cooperative attitude in any new projects.

Geminis in the Pyramid Tops


Your energy is at its peak. The birthday month will put all the attention on you and your targets for the year ahead. Draw a line under anything that you want to leave behind and make a fresh start. Express your needs and desires with extra vivacity, and initiative. Get the ball rolling, air sign, but keep the big image of your goals and life in mind. My gift to you is the June new moon, bringing you good fortune, especially with love and money.

Cancer in the Reverie Reversible Tie Top


Huge life changes are coming your way this summer, darling Cancer. You are changing, and as you feel everything deeply, you will tend to feel stress in overwhelming situations. That’s ok, take a breather and feel everything you need to BUT don’t forget to keep going. You can handle anything life throws you.

Leo in the Mandala Legging


In the same category as the charismatic Gemini, you have the same nature that brings exciting prospects and rich relationships to your door. Nevertheless, although honesty is the best policy, try to work on softening your communication skills and speak with compassion. Taking focus out of the variable “I” in your vocabulary doesn’t mean you need to sugar coat what you want to say, but you do need to learn how to forgive and accept your truth is not everyone’s reality.

Virgo in the Cayenne Yoga Top


With your sensitivity at its peak, Virgo, you might feel like the entire weight of the world is leaning on your shoulders.  This month, you more than any other sign must focus on indulgence and joy. Unadulterated, pure child-like delight. Eat whatever you feel like, take that road trip you’ve been talking about, maybe even take a skinny dip while you’re at it, but do something that makes you say “Damn, I am wonderful.”

Libra in the Noor Front Cut-Out Top


The Sun will bring you inner calm, stability, and harmony to your relationships. You will be well-organized and more productive. This is a good time to work out your plans and promote yourself. Mercury will increase the tempo of your life and the hectic pace can lead your nervousness to the point of irritability and impulsive thinking. Take the extra time to explain yourself clearly to avoid confusions that will turn into conflicts.

Scorpio in the Heavenly Legging


My favorite sign... I wonder why. We love structure and boundaries and who’s to blame us? Isn't how we let others talk to us and treat us a direct reflection of how we treat ourselves? Let’s work on setting kind boundaries for ourselves and likewise, respecting other’s boundaries. Reflect on your relationships, old and new ones and enjoy this new chapter in your life, you feisty thing.

Sagittarius in the Shakti Reversible 4-Way Top


Your subconscious is just so darned active but there is a time and place for everything. Especially when you’re asking your boss for a raise. Pay close attention to details. The Sagittarius June monthly predictions advise that you really get into answering all your existential romantic questions. What is the nature of the human connection? Don’t hide from your deep thoughts, dive in instead!

Capricorn in the Noor Reversible 4-Way Top


As per the Capricorn June 2019 horoscope, career and mature objectives will be your priority. The planet Mars will also make you pay more attention to your family, don’t take this lightly as your family will be vital in achieving your endeavors. You will feel highly independent and focus on assignments that will develop both your work and financial prospects.

Aquarius in the Indigo Bike Short


Most signs find your go-with-the-flow and overall easy-going character as a trait that surpasses all moods and situational stress. This month, however, I want you to practice saying no. Not having to explain or come up with excuses as to why the answer is no, but “just no”, a complete sentence on its own. You always feel like you have to do what others expect you to do, and “It’s fine with me” tends to be your completely acceptable response to most. But you deserve a break Aquarius, you’re not here to protect anyone’s heart or time but yourself, carry on not everyone else.

Pisces in the Reverie Print


Do you ever feel shook between reality and fantasy? This month is your opportunity to thread it together and manifest the combination of both as a cohesive whole. Soak up that Gemini high energy and catch yourself when you’re escaping to fantasy land instead of working towards your projects. You will have to work harder to get things to be the way you want them. People may test you and your goals, driving you to show yourself what you are doing and why. I leave you with these three my Pisces: assertiveness, initiative, and sexual magnetism.

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