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This past weekend, the Wolfpack headed to Lightning in a Bottle at its new and improved location at Buena Vista Lake, California.  Lightning in a Bottle has been a source of inspiration for our brand since inception and a place that we return to ground down and get inspired. Events like Lightning in a Bottle gives us the opportunity to see our brand in action and it was so wonderful to see so many people sporting and supporting Wolven. Here is a recap of our trip — if we missed your photos, please send them to us at


Ready, set, road trip.

Best friend? Check. Boyfriend? Check. Will, River and I headed to Lightning in a Bottle this year in my Subaru Outback. There is nothing more fun than planning your festival outfits the night before a big adventure — getting all of your looks sorted ahead of time is a great way to get into the festival spirit and set yourself up for a less stressful festival experience. Lightning in a Bottle’s new location is an easy 2-hour drive from Los Angeles, and we arrived at the gates in the blink of an eye. Traffic was easy and the line to get in was quick, as soon as we pulled onto Monkey Business Road, we were greeted by delighted festival goers playing music and dancing outside of their cars, spreading good vibes, sharing snacks and getting ready to get down. Lightning in a Bottle’s staff in the line was so welcoming and warm and set the perfect tone for a positive weekend.

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Road Trip Outfit:


Matching sets provide an easy outfit solution to road trips. This year, the weather at Lightning in a Bottle was toasty during the day, so we hit the road in shorts. Our Heliocentric Print is an eye-catching, earthy print perfect for a day-to-night festival look. During the day, Raquelle Lawrence (@raqcuellelawrence) rocked the Heliocentric High-Waisted Short and Heliocentric Front Cut-Out Top paired with a kimono, sunglasses and wide-brim hat for sun protection. This look transitions perfectly from being comfy in the car to practicing yoga.

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Namaste here forever.

One of my all time favorite things about Lightning in a Bottle is the amount of attention that is paid to the yoga lineup. I love taking advantage of the festival sunshine to get in a hot yoga session outside. Lightning in a Bottle’s yoga line up this year was stacked with incredible teachers who we love — from Andrew Sealy to Caley Alyssa and Cristi Christensen, classes were packed and the energy on the mat was contagious. From acro yoga to half yoga/ half dance party classes, Lightning in a Bottle provides ample opportunities to recommit to your yoga practice.

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Yoga Outfit:

Our Signature Matching Sets are our festival all-stars and this year we saw so many people rocking them from yoga to the dancefloor. These two-piece numbers have the perfect bright and vibrant vibe of festivals and allow you to wear a stunning, meditative, mandala on your mat.

Lifting up in the Red Flower Matching Set — photo by Don Idio

Get inspired

Everywhere you go at Lightning in a Bottle, there are ample opportunities to explore and discover new zones. Each turn you take transports you into an entirely new world. This year, my favorite place to hang out was the Lost? by Lost Creations. A beautiful, wooden structure right along the lake that had tons of little nooks to sit in and take a step back from the music. Areas like this are what makes me feel most at home at Lightning in a Bottle — you can take a beat, get grounded, and step back into the madness.  

Sustainability, education and vegan noms.

While all our friends partied all day and night, Will and I took a different route this festival. We wanted to soak in all of the empowering education initiatives that Lightning in a Bottle has to offer. Our days were stacked with attending talk after talk, and we left with our minds and hearts feeling so incredibly full. In between catching the festival’s empowering programming, we stopped by our favorite food vendors to grab vegan snacks. Fear not, vegan friends, Lightning in a Bottle has tons of delicious and nutritious vegan options ranging from juice-based popsicles and smoothies to cool you down during the day to jackfruit nachos to keep you fueled into the night.

There was so much wonderful programming to touch on, but I’ve picked my favorite and Will’s favorite to share a little bit about.

Kiran’s favorite: I was so inspired by the Psychedelics for Reparations, Restoration and Regeneration lecture put on by MAPS. For those of you who don’t know, MAPS is the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. This particular lecture had us each delve into our personal origin stories — where are we from? what is our ancestral trauma? what challenges have our families gone through for us to work on? how can psychedelics help mediate governmental and societal problems?

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Let’s get down.

When the full moon rises and the heat drops it's time to hit the dance floor. There is something so profound and cathartic about dancing away your troubles with festival friends old and new. The Do Lab does the best job of showcasing the globe's best musicians. This year's Lightning in a Bottle lineup featured some of my favorite artists including Rising Aplachia, Desert Dwellers, Rampue, Bedouin, Nico Stojan and Recondite.

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Wolven x Woogie

Wondering what to wear? Wolven one pieces double as the perfect, sexy, sustainable dance floor number. This year Lightning in a Bottle was so warm that you didn’t have to head back to camp to layer up before sunset. We’re obsessed with this look from Anna Rooke (@gratitudeandfood) in the Soul Atlas One Piece. Pro tip: this suit is reversible so you can change your look at the drop of a hat.

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Kiran is the Founder & CEO at Wolven —  you can find her practicing yoga on the beach or cooking up tasty vegan treats with her partner in crime.

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