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Expand your Horizon: October 2018 Horoscopes

ARIES: Aries! This is a big month for your sociality and charm with others, opening up opportunities for personal growth. This month you will be supported in exciting career development. New business ideas may generate and you may find yourself communicating and working with others effectively to achieve this. Financials become important to you this month and so you may see it thrive. Passionate sexuality and romantic fun come into play toward the end of the month, especially for all you single Aries babes. This month is looking super positive for you, but make sure to take sufficient rest, look after your health, and not overindulge on food and drink.   TAURUS: This is a great month for action and...

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September Horoscopes: Magic, Big Moves and Deepest Desires

ARIES: The stars support you Aries babes in working toward being super practical and intellectual regarding money and work this month. You may find yourself having to work hard for what you want financially and personally, meaning your relationships are kind of put on hold for a little bit. You are a powerhouse of motivation with a super clear head about what you want to do and what you need to learn in order to achieve. You may also find yourself inclined toward bigger causes, social affairs and helping the community toward the end of the month. TAURUS: Taurus, your September is full of changing energy but ultimately it will be important for you to focus on your quality of life and long-term...

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14 Ways To Love The Planet

14 Ways To Love The Planet The month of love is officially here and I could not be more excited. There’s nothing I love more than love. But, if I had to choose, sustainability and self-care would tie for a close second. Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Kasey Dreier. I’m an environmental engineer and a self-care strategist for badass women. I studied sustainability at Stanford and learned about self-care after a couple of life-threatening experiences in my twenties woke me the “f” up. That’s why when my friends at Wolven Threads asked me to guest blog two articles this month on how to love the planet and how to love yourself I about peed my pants. (Don’t...

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