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This year Mother’s Day will look very different for a lot of us, but that doesn’t mean we should spoil those that brought us into the world any less. The Mothers and Mother figures in our lives are there for us when times get tough, so now more than ever is the perfect time to create meaningful moments to show our gratitude and love.

DIY Manicures

Treating Mom to a spa voucher or treatment might be a little tricky this year. Why not bring the bliss of the spa home and treat Mom (and yourself!) to a DIY manicure. All you need is a handmade sugar scrub and an organic hand lotion to rejuvenate those hard-working hands, giving her a thoughtful but low-cost dose of TLC to show how much you appreciate her.

Create a veggie patch/ garden together

Gardening is a great way to reap the variety of nutritional and physical benefits we get from herbs, shrubs, and plants. And it's not just the plants that are healing, you’ll also be soaking up some vital vitamin D, and creating a relaxing, stress-relieving space for you to engage in primal instincts to nurture and care. Gift your Mom a variety of her favorite cooking herbs and spend this Mother’s Day planning and planting her new veggie patch with her. You’ll be spending some quality time together in the sunshine and releasing natural microbes in the soil which stimulates serotonin production

Start a craft project together

No matter the weather, when we're spending an increased amount of time at home, picking up a crafty project can be extremely therapeutic and rewarding. Spend some quality time with Mom while trying out a new skill like crocheting, knitting, tie-dyeing, lino printing, coiling, embroidery, painting, drawing, sculpture or ceramics… she might even like to pass on her crafty knowledge to you! Can’t visit Mom this Mother’s Day? Create a handmade blanket together by crocheting or knitting squares that you can piece together at a later date! This is a great reason to regularly hop on a Zoom or Skype call together.

Stretch it out / Walk and Talk

We don’t always need to plan extravagant ways to show gratitude to our loved ones. Simply holding emotional space by spending quality time together can be a wonderful way to show your love, and if you’re releasing endorphins at the same time, bonus! Take an afternoon walk through a local park/ nature reserve or put on a guided yoga or meditation video together.

Cook up something special

Many of us look to our Mom’s when we think of the best cook we know, so why not follow her footsteps and cook up something made with a little heart and a lotta soul. It could be a Mother’s Day dinner, her favorite comfort food, a late-night treat, or perhaps expand her horizons and give her something she hasn’t tried before! You may otherwise like to plan a baking day and spend quality time creating delicious treats together, there could be a family trade secret waiting to be learned!

Gift her something made with your heart

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a gift made by hand. An essential oil spray, a succulent terrarium, even a handmade card will show the extra thought and care that you’ve taken to show your love and gratitude to Mom. Spending your minutes rather than your dollars can make a gift that little bit more personal and special.

Learn something new together

Whether it’s an instrument, a craft, a language, or a sport, learning something new with your Mom will give you both the opportunity to regularly hang out while challenging yourself with a new skill. Engaging in continuous learning improves self-confidence, fights boredom, keeps your brain healthy and sharp while rewarding you with practical life skills.

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