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Spring has arrived and with it the astrological new year. This season in the natural world, of which we are of course a part, is the epitome of the transition of death into life, a miraculous and yet cyclical rebirth. An exciting time as the cosmos begins its next transit through the signs, beginning of course with fiery Aries.

This month asks us to look within at the knowledge and self-awareness we have garnered from winter’s reflection, and ask ourselves, am I ready to be reborn? We are breaking through the proverbial chrysalis and set with the challenge of choosing, will we use our newfound wings? The universe is here to support us, the wind that gives us height. But we must take the leap and trust without a doubt that we will soar.


Your theme this month is the real, rooted happiness. But first, happy birthday fiery souls! The sun card asks you to thoroughly enjoy every moment of your glorious birthday month and celebrate being YOU. Give yourself a little extra dose of love and buy yourself something that makes you smile! There is an energy of resolution here regarding some sort of conflict, but you have to believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel and be open to forgiveness, and out of the box solutions. It feels that things may not be as bad as they once seemed. Taking the time to meditate and align those chakras is important this month to begin your next trip around the sun on the right foot! Also be open to new connections, a new business partner or romantic partner may be on their way, make sure you’re aligned and ready for their arrival!  


Your theme this month is receiving. There is an opportunity to reach a new level of balance and stability in your life this month Taurus! Which you will love being an earth sign of course. The key is to be open to receiving these blessings by believing you are worthy of them! If you have been delaying starting a project or procrastinating in any way, the time is now to take inspired action towards your desires, whatever they may be! With one more month until your birthday, think back to any goals or intentions you set for yourself May of last year. You are also receiving a lot of intuitive downloads this month, meditate on your crown chakra for clarity, and pay attention to your dreams, they may offer exciting insights. Your hard work, whether on self or career, is about to pay off. So hold your vision, stay clear with your intentions and trust your desires are manifesting! 


Your theme this month is emotional fulfillment. We all have the ability to claim our freedom and to take back our power, and often many times throughout our lives we are challenged with this opportunity. Our happiness is our responsibility! Which is an incredible power to have. Check in and see where your inner masculine energy could use a little compassion. Balancing work with play often leads to better productivity when you do sit down to do the task at hand. Lead with love when communicating with others, and with yourself. Focusing on a positive internal dialogue and self-talk will be important for you this month Gemini. Many of you may have either a new partnership or friendship blossoming this month, or an established relationship finding a new level of emotional fulfillment. Know that you are more than enough, and worthy of the absolute best this life has to offer!


Your theme this month is the final step. There is reason to celebrate this month Cancer! Likely regarding something you have been waiting for or working towards for some time now. So what’s changed? You are stepping up your miracle game by believing in the impossible and your power to manifest your dreams. And also to surrender. This is the balance of spirituality and practicality. Knowing when it’s time to consciously work towards our goals, and knowing when we’ve done our part and it’s time to surrender the rest to the universe. Listen to your heart this month Cancer, and trust it knows the way to your ultimate happiness. 


Your theme this month is trust and have faith. There is a brand new start here for you Leo! An opportunity to make some changes you may have wanted to make for some time now. Though guided and provided by the Universe, this fresh start will require your participation, and the more enthusiasm the better! You may find yourself having to be decisive about taking a leap of faith in the direction of something you believe in, but that goes against the status quo. Leave fear behind you and have faith in yourself and the Universe that you will be taken care of. Where your focus goes, energy flows. Nothing is set in stone until we make the decision about what we want to manifest, and even then anything can change. Focus on your best possible outcome and you will attract the best, no doubt!


Your theme this month is go with the flow. Life naturally has moments of movement and moments of stagnation. Don’t worry things will be flowing for you again soon! There is a burst of clarity on a previously unclear issue or decision that you have to make. Your spirit guides are likely sending you messages about your highest path through your intuition and dreams so listen closely. Set the intention of being shown the path of least resistance and it will reveal itself in perfect time. The reason you don’t have the answers yet is because you may be a bit narrow-minded at the moment about how things can actually turn out. There is a better way that will lead to a lot of happiness and stability for you Virgo, but you have to release the past, focus on the positive and believe! 


Your theme this month is heart-centered. How can we live more from our heart space instead of our headspace? There’s a beautiful opportunity for healing here Libra, likely some deep personal healing, possibly between you and a friend. Either way, loving and forgiving yourself will set you free. Releasing the “monkey mind” especially through meditation or yoga, will be key to just about everything you do this month. So make sure to carve out time in your day to day. Don’t forget, your vibe attracts your tribe! Creating space for yourself, and spending quality time alone, is a powerful self-love practice. Not to mention the more you fill your own cup, the more you have to give!


Your theme this month is discernment. You may find yourself at a bit of a crossroads this month Scorpio but don’t worry! The Universe says choose what will bring you the most joy. It’s possible that the reality of the situation may be a bit different from how things are presenting themselves, so now is the time to tune in to that deep soul knowing, and your heart space to connect to what feels good. A beautiful new partnership or friendship may be on the horizon, or possibly an opportunity to collaborate on a new fulfilling project! The Universe loves to give to those that take the leap and trust their intuition. Whatever you may have recently decided Scorpio, it set things into motion so time to buckle up and put your hands up, you may be in for the most exciting roller coaster of a lifetime.  


Your theme this month is cycles. It’s possible things haven’t been their most exciting recently Sagittarius but that’s because you’ve been doing some serious energy work behind the scenes. There has been a lot of new information, lessons and even inspiration that you are currently integrating. This is all a part of the process! The exciting part is you are likely shifting from integration to action very soon. Is there a project, person, or aspect of your life you have been wary to take action towards? You have all the wisdom, practice and capability you need, all you need to do is just be you! That said, not all opportunities can just fall into our lap. Often the most beautiful things come when we move fearlessly in the direction of our dreams. Don’t be shy this month Sagittarius, make it happen!


Your theme this month is passion. There’s lots of healing in the cards for you this month Capricorn. But the good, warm, fuzzy, wrapped up in a blanket and handed your favorite tea by the Universe kind of healing. It’s an energy of rest and rejuvenation before an exciting new cycle that is waiting in the wings. Your soul can feel the excitement of the opportunities on the horizon and the fulfillment that is waiting, so you may find yourself a little stir crazy this month. But rest assured your opportunity for action will come! In the meantime get fired up knowing your purpose and mission path is being laid out before you. In what ways can you prepare space and get ready for it now? 


Your theme this month is imagination. Things may feel like they’ve come to a bit of a standstill Aquarius, but it’s all a part of the plan. The Universe is giving you the space to go within and tap back into your inner self, inner knowing but most especially the power of your imagination. You have permission to dream big this month and start scheming an epic new reality for yourself when things get back in motion. Remember, through your thoughts and feelings you powerfully co-create with the universe. Have you been focusing on the past or what you want to create in your future? Stay focused on your vision and you will absolutely achieve it. In the meantime enjoy this moment of rest, it won’t last forever and you’ll be called to the action of the frontlines once again!


Your theme this month is you are supported. Don’t be afraid to ask for help this month Pisces! From both your earthly soul tribe and your spirit guides, you have support available to you. This also may be a message to take a time out to nurture yourself and rest, especially if you have been burning the candle at both ends. You are being given the okay from the Universe that it’s time to take a step back and just be for a while. Check in with how your inner world is doing. Where can you release any negativity, past pain, worry or limiting beliefs that you may be holding on to? Not only will you feel so much lighter, and create space for more joy to enter, but it’s exactly this inner work that will set things in motion in the outer world on a trajectory of happiness and success.

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