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Making the decision about what new swimsuit to rock this summer can be overwhelming (certainly for those with placements in Libra, like me) and Wolven’s 2020 one-piece swimsuit collection is packed with so many gorgeous option — where do we even begin?

We often turn to the stars for guidance. No matter whether you're a full-blown astrology nerd, or it's something a little more uncharted for you, we're always bound to discover something about ourselves when we read what our zodiac or horoscope has to say. 

So why not let your zodiac be your personal swimsuit shopping guide? I’ve looked to the stars to find the perfect reflection of each zodiac in Wolven’s new swim styles that are bound to make choosing your new swimsuit a breeze.

ARIES: fierce, energetic, bold

Dynamic and restless, Aries babes need a swimsuit that won’t slip and slide while they’re off surfing, swimming, diving, or playing a sport on the beach. The Zephyr Deep-V One Piece is the perfect match for her with the comfortable, adjustable T-strap back style. And of course, we know Aries like to feel a little sexy, so the plunging deep V-neck is a perfect match.

TAURUS: graceful, affectionate, reliable

Taureans love a little bit of luxury. They want something that makes them feel cute without forfeiting quality or comfort (a big no-no to cheap swimsuits that are ruined after a few seasons!). The Riviera Eight-Way One Piece will be a Taurus fav season-after-season with versatile multi-way options that feel like a new suit every time! Choose from the soft, romantic Riviera print or on-trend coral.

GEMINI: lively, adaptable, curious

Duality and cleverness are major themes for you Gemini gals. The Onyx Tie-Back One Piece ticks all boxes: I guarantee this piece will match practically anything in your wardrobe! From the morning brunch to the afternoon pool party, to the evening cocktail night with the girls, this piece will take you there with effortless style.

CANCER: imaginative, kind, emotional

Cancerians are known to retreat to their shell every once and a while, but when they're ready to come out, boy do they know how to capture our hearts! The soft, subtle and dreamy kaleidoscope of color in the Elektriflora One Shoulder One Piece reverses to a stunning Fuschia pink which expresses and reflects the sincere, warm heart and soul we are graced with when around a Cancerian! 

LEO: powerful, creative, extravagant

Our powerhouse Leo babes deserve nothing less than the breathtakingly bold Santorini Deep-V One Piece. Statements will be made in this show-stopping floral mandala print which reverses to the most passionate, fiery red. The next pool day turn impromptu photoshoot will be anything but dull with the plunging V-neck and low back that is sure to turn heads.

VIRGO: practical, modest, conscientious

Virgo babes are constantly seeking truth and knowledge. That’s why the Luna Scoop Neck One Piece will be your perfect match with its elegant hand-drawn mandala is inspired by balance and the journey to completeness or unity. The modest neckline means less time worrying about wardrobe malfunctions and more time reading your favorite book, poolside.

LIBRA: charming, peaceful, artistic

Nothing politely exclaims Libra more than the Harmony Eight-Way One Piece. The effortlessly elegant print and divine pure white reflect the charming, angelic qualities we all know and adore about our scale-balancing babes. Making a choice can be a challenge for Libras but fear not with the six different ways to wear this dreamy summer staple. Suddenly the fear of outfit repeating disappears!

SCORPIO: passionate, persistent, magnetic

Scorpios often appear quite mysterious, but the key to understanding their personality is intensity - nothing is done with half their heart. This is why the fearlessly bold Onyx Cage One Piece is their perfect match. The complexity of a Scorpio’s mind is magnetic and striking, just like the strappy side panel detail of this sexy swimsuit.

SAGITTARIUS: optimistic, ambitious, energetic

My fellow Saggitarian babes wear optimism like it's their job, and nothing says proud and positive like the Jasmine Ranger One Piece. The gorgeous pastel hues of this swimsuit reflect the fun-loving, freedom-searching, enthusiastic sign whilst giving them an extra boost of confidence with the flattering deep V-neckline with criss-cross detailing.

CAPRICORN: sturdy, determined, reserved

Our Capricorn babes need a swimsuit that ticks all the boxes… something practical, versatile, and classic. Look no further than the Oasis Square Neck One-Piece, featuring a classic square neck and sensible-yet-sexy adjustable crisscross low V-cut back. Reverse to solid black and you’ve got yourself a classic black bodysuit, perfect for those zoom meetings scheduled in between your sun tanning sessions.

AQUARIUS: friendly, assertive, independent

Aquarius babes pride themselves on being different, so they need a swimsuit to stand out from the crowd. Other than the namesake Aquarius One Piece, Aquarians are a perfect match for the vibrant, anything-but-boring Amalfi Four-Way One Piece. A true visionary, each Aquarius is unlike the next, they are original and unique, just like the uniquely iconic reversible 4-way style that has made its way to a one-piece swimsuit.

PISCES: romantic, intuitive, mystical

Pisces can be described as being half-body, half-spirit; being connected to both planes of existence, which I think is perfectly reflected in the skin-baring strappy detailing of the Jungle Cage One Piece. The abstract fractal print of this swimsuit reflects the deeply spiritual, intuitive, and imaginative traits that define our elusive Pisces babes, making it the perfect staple to go from daydreams on the shoreline to a romantic candlelit dinner in the evening.

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