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In times like these where things feel uncertain, loved ones are near or far and we aren’t sure what the future holds, one thing we can hold onto during these times is our divine connection to The Universe and what beautiful energies it provides us. Many of us have an ample amount of time on our hands and now is the perfect time to start working on our inner-selves and an amazing, useful tool to help you hone in and get in touch with yourself are crystals. Created in Earth's crust, crystals have been put under extreme pressure, conditions, and temperatures, making them the most stable form of energetic matter in the Universe, as they have taken on all of that energy in the process. Like everything else, crystals are alive and can work with human energy fields, making them beneficial for us to use. By absorbing, moving or removing energy, crystals can help to shift energy within the body and mind based on the properties and color of them. We are going to tell you about some energy healing practices as well as a few crystals you can use daily to stay in touch and grounded in moments like these. Follow along with us and we hope you find some light in this post. 

Stones and crystals are very powerful tools in helping us work on our energy fields and our inner-self. All stones and crystals vibrate at certain wavelengths, as do humans. By helping ourselves raise our vibration and move unwanted energies in the body, we are more able to see things clearly and evaluate our thoughts and subconscious mind. First you will want to pick out a stone that resonates with you and fits your needs. Most crystal shops have the names and benefits of the stones listed for you already. The first step in using your crystals is to identify your stone and connect with what properties it consists of. Next, you will want to set an intention (what you would like to work on/need help with) as you hold your crystal close to your heart while you ask the crystal what you need. Envision the stone sharing its energy with you and casting a golden light all around you. The light will start in your palms, making its way through your entire body and then come out the top of your crown chakra. You are a light beam, you are golden, a beautiful extension of The Universe. Repeat these healing words of affirmation and feel deeply into the words as you say them aloud or in your head. Feel free to make up your own healing words of affirmation; the most important part is that you feel deeply into these words and feel them throughout your whole body. That is where the true healing takes place.

Finding peace, relieving anxiety and restlessness, and expressing compassion and love are just some of the intentions we can set in order to make time inside our homes go by more smoothly. A great stone for bringing peace is one you may know well, Amethyst. Amethyst is a deep violet stone, typically found in Brazil. This crystal helps enhance inner peace while connecting you to your higher self. A good way to use this crystal is to meditate with it, or place it under your pillow to cure insomnia and ward off nightmares. The next Stone we love using for decompressing or ridding of those anxiety twists in your stomach is Blue Lace Agate, an energy amplifying crystal that has a calming, soothing effect on the mind and body. With this stone, you can have a handle on your emotional balance in order to stay calm, cool, and collected. The last crystal we recommend using is an all time favorite. Luckily, this crystal is very easy to obtain and so hard to part with once you receive it, Rose Quartz. The stone of unconditional love, kindness, as well as compassion is great to have with you at all times. It expands your aura of love and manifests joy and self love in whoever owns it. Rose Quartz is a great crystal to match with Amethyst during meditation because their energy fields mesh perfectly, raising their vibrations and in turn, yours. 

In order to have the best effect and results with your stones/crystals, always be sure to cleanse them monthly whether they are used or not. Since crystals are alive with amplifying energy, they are able to absorb it too, good or bad. So cleansing is a great way to wipe the slate and start with fresh stones. You can do this with singing bowl sounds, sage, sand, moon water, or moonlight cleanses. As long as you take great care of your crystals your crystals will take good care of you. 

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