The stars support you Aries babes in working toward being super practical and intellectual regarding money and work this month. You may find yourself having to work hard for what you want financially and personally, meaning your relationships are kind of put on hold for a little bit. You are a powerhouse of motivation with a super clear head about what you want to do and what you need to learn in order to achieve. You may also find yourself inclined toward bigger causes, social affairs and helping the community toward the end of the month.
Taurus, your September is full of changing energy but ultimately it will be important for you to focus on your quality of life and long-term dreams and goals. You may find yourself feeling indifferent about your romantic relationships, feeling as though your truest dreams may never be realized, but remember to keep an open mind and communicate with loved ones about what you want. You'll find yourself prospering in your love life from positive and constructive communication, and this strong desire to build positive relationships also transfers into your work life. Toward the end of the month, you'll start to feel even more in control of your life and where it's headed.
Gemini, you have the opportunity to create some super exhilarating changes in your life with the courage to stand up to speak your truth. You'll be feeling the desire to stand your ground and feel confident in your beliefs with no problem in communicating them to others. Stick to that inner voice that is telling you to pursue what you love, but make sure that you are doing so in a manner that does not hurt your relationships with others.
You beautiful Cancerians are going to feel a pull to climbing out of that shell of yours and being a social butterfly! With Mercury going direct again, your excellent at communicating and listening and enjoying attending events and engaging with others. You may find yourself easily speaking your truth in regards to romantic relationships and your work, and you might find exciting things will start to take off in these sectors. You have great luck going forward this month, so work toward your wildest dreams!
Leo's may find themselves in the midst of exciting financial wealth and money making ventures this month. Take that inherent drive and put it to work to see your biggest dreams turn into a reality! Stay focused and attentive, but don’t forget that your loved ones are always there for you when you need emotional support.
Coming into your season Virgo, you'll find yourself being totally focused on money matters and your personal health. You may feel less inclined to listen to others opinions than usual and you may feel very clear-headed about what you want and what you'll be happy to settle for. This is a great time to move up in your business or land yourself a new job, you're feeling confident and expressive.
Libra, you may find yourself being a little more generous and helpful to others this month. By delving within and finding guidance on curating the perfect life, you'll find yourself motivated to take steps in turning this into a reality. Work life may be a bit stagnant, boring or hard this month, you may find yourself drifting off in a daydream a bit, but remind yourself of what you love doing and work toward it, even if that means a total overhaul of your career.
Scorpios are stepping up to the plate this month by working out how to balance work and home life. You may find friends or loved ones coming to you for emotional help, but remember to balance this with your own emotional needs. Good luck may be on your way if you can prioritize your goals effectively, with the chances of someone important entering your life, or an interesting business opportunity arising.
You've got the power to make exciting changes this month Sagittarius! You're making great impressions to employers and are being supported in all your efforts to make money and excel in your career. If this may not be of great focus to you, you may find your dedication being pulled toward your family and supporting them. Nevertheless, you love to learn, and this is a good time to perfect skills and develop new ways of thinking. Your creative endeavors are inspired by a spiritual awakening, and your resilience and capabilities will soar.
Capricorn, you are most likely going to feel a little unsure about where you are headed and what you feel driven towards. But this is totally ok! Focus on upskilling, absorbing new information, and taking the time to enjoy the beauty of life. Be a YES man or woman and you'll find yourself being rich in experience and potentially meeting new people in the process. Don't get too caught up if you aren't being appreciated as much as you wish to be, just as long as you make yourself happy.
Take life by the horns this month Aquarius, because your confidence and charisma will allow you to make changes, start new projects and find harmony in your work and love life. However, don’t make any big career changes this month, rather, delve within and you may start to uncover what it is that you feel motivated to pursue and make money from. Make sure you are making quality time for family this month.
Any efforts that you put into your life in the next few months will be greatly rewarded Pisces! You are very good at reading people and what their impact will be on your life, so listen to your intuition to surround yourself with the kinds of energy you want to be around. Take time to really think about your perfect life and you'll find the universe will support you if you are driven enough. Communication will flow well in your career and your dreams may start to be realized in your work.


About The Author: Lauren Crabtree (@crabbypatty__)

Lauren is a passionately driven graphic and textile designer living in Sydney, Australia. Her work is driven by the desire for a better future, one that returns to a love for the handmade, and one that respects the impacts of textiles on mother nature.
Lauren loves to blog about creativity, sustainability, astrology, health, and wellbeing. She believes in the power of positivity and engages in a mindful, intentional life.
Lauren loves learning about new cultures and is particularly fascinated by traditional Indian textile processes and Indian culture.
Lauren loves to weave, crochet, eco-dye, screen print, block print, wrap, and macramé.

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