Last weekend, our team packed up our camping gear and headed to Lightning in a Bottle, a music festival nestled in the Central Valley region of California. Lightning in a Bottle is not like any other festival. It is the ultimate breathtaking, life changing, and grounding festival you will ever attend – if you allow it. 

Every time we go to LIB, we feel completely enamored with welcoming and vibrant energy. The eye-opening workshops, the loving people, and the out of this world artists (both visual and music) are vessels that make this festival community so powerful. 

Here are a couple ways LIB presents itself with a spiritual vortex, where in just 5 days on the festival grounds, you can accomplish more spiritual growth than you ever anticipated. 

1. You’re in a safe space 

The festival grounds are far removed from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Here, you are encapsulated in a space with considerate camping neighbors, friendly strangers, delicious food, and the freedom to express yourself through dance, fashion, and beliefs. The sky's the limit at LIB, while still being in an ultra safe container with like-minded individuals. 

Photos by @divisuals

2. Workshop expansion 

From Acro yoga to the science of holistic living, LIB offers an array of workshops throughout the weekend – bound to teach you something new. The LIB team even includes sustainability in their workshop schedule (something we go crazy for of course). Here are some of the workshops that caught our eye:  

  1. Meditation for our Climate Future
  2. Wolf Spirit Flow 
  3. Lightning Without a Bottle (Sober community) 
  4. Deckr8 ur sk8 - Skateboard Deck Creation
  5. Gong Sanctuary Sessions
  6. Chai Demystified 
  7. Dancing Freedom
  8. Total System Recharge - Kundalini Yoga
  9. Magical Plant Medicine Elixirs
  10. Reca(LIB)ration Yoga

Our favorite was doing yoga, the sound baths (Gong and Sound Bowls), and meeting up with the sober community. 

3. Wandering solo

For our usual festival goers – you know when you’re with a big group and everyone wants to go somewhere different? Try running around solo! The service is limited, but that’s kind of the point. 

Our theory is that you’re far more likely to meet new friends and make amazing connections on your own. . We highly recommend it - just be aware of your surroundings and comfort levels while doing so (and maybe write your friend’s numbers down in case your phone dies). 


4. Express Yourself (in what you wear and what you think)

LIB has a safe and intentional community that encourages you to explore out of your comfort zone. Maybe that means, tapping into your inner child and frolicking across the grounds all day or wearing bright colors you wouldn’t wear back in the default world. 

If you open your heart to the community, it will welcome you right back. Surrendering any predisposed judgment you have over yourself or others is just one way to tap into finding yourself. Say yes to experiences, share a hug with a stranger, and just breathe through what comes up. Through this expression, you are bound to walk away with confidence, clarity, and inner peace. See you at LIB next year!

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Dasha is an LA born and bred wellness and environmental enthusiast, who has a love for the outdoors, travel, and staying active. As a member of the marketing team, she combines her love of photography, creative direction, and storytelling towards Wolven's campaigns.

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