We pause patiently in between two worlds, a position both uncomfortable and uncertain.

With one foot in the past and one foot in the present, the tension begins to mount.

Something’s gotta give.

Mars’ retrograde phase begins today, June 26th, and will be weaving its way backward through the zodiac until late August 2018. This retrograde sets the tone for the entirety of the summer: one of backward motion, imperfect movement, and at times total stillness.

Lack of forward motion for fiery, assertive, and action-oriented Mars can create considerable frustration and turbulence in our lives.

This retrograde will not be slowing down the pace of our lives, it is actually more likely to heat situations up in order for further re-evaluation, understanding, and exploration. The slowed down effect is one within ourselves, one we consciously choose to engage with.

If we can call upon a sense of calmness in times of chaos in order to see the big picture and not simply react out of sudden impulse or emotion, then we can utilize this retrogrades gift to its fullest.

Mars turned in on itself creates irritating inflammation internally. We’re more likely to suppresses our feelings of anger, our sex drive, and our action-taking. Be gentle with yourself and regularly seek out ways to externalize and validate any pent-up feelings. Boiling points will be reached, vicious words may be spoken.

Mars is a very forthright planet, needing a direct and active outlet for his energy to be used wisely, thus his inhibited movement can really irritate us on the emotional plane. Courage will be curbed. Action will be distorted. Energy levels will fluctuate.

Mars rules men, and with its retrograde (re-examining, re-evaluating), we can expect men from our past to likely to emerge into our thoughts or even our lives. For better or worse, there may be something in the material that these men represent that needs some strong re-examining.

mars retrograde

Art by @____amp

Mars Retrograde Questions:

What is my primal strategy for dealing with life when the going gets rough?

Can I make corrections to it, calm it, or make it useful without getting violent, defensive, or going off the handle?

How is my energy flow right now? Do I need to rest or exercise today?

Am I expressing my true feelings, even if they’re angry or sad, or am I bottling up?

What are the stories connected to these people from my past?

Why are these themes being asked to be re-evaluated?

How is my sex life and sex drive? Do I need more, less, a period of abstinence, a binge?

Am I expressing my sexuality or repressing my sexuality?

The full moon in Capricorn on June 27th holds a heavy, burdensome quality to it, particularly because this full moon is tightly conjoined with the bearer of responsibility, Saturn. When Saturn is prominently involved in a full moon configuration, it weighs on us and we feel it strongly.

We may feel lonely, isolated, and unable to emotionally connect with those around us. We may be caught up in our thoughts and needing some solitude, or potentially beating ourselves up for not getting enough done.

Saturn has beautiful lessons tied into the burdens of his obligations and commitments. Learning to be autonomous, responsible, and to be true to our word. Sometimes though, Saturnian energy can make us depressed, isolated, or feel like we’re just not good enough.

Thus, the days surrounding this full moon are likely to feel quite heavy on us, as if we’re hauling a backpack full of bricks and we’ve just accidentally stepped into some quicksand.

This Mars retrograde quicksand quality will have us standing still for some time as we begin to strategize from the inside out just how we want to deal with the current situations in our lives.

Any sudden, aggressive movements can make us sink faster and render triple the consequences. If we slowly strategize and can summon a sense of calm, we can figure out how to get ourselves out of the muck.

This energy, paired with the Capricorn full moon, will have us simultaneously unpacking our backpack of bricks one by one, seeing which ones to keep for the long haul and which, at this point, are just needlessly weighing us down.

What commitments are no longer serving you or your ultimate goals? Where can you clean up your act in terms of being responsible and autonomous? On the other hand, where can you loosen your grip and just let yourself be without the need to fill up your schedule to the brim?

These two conflicting energies of Mars retrograde and the Capricorn full moon need to find a way to work together, seeing as they are arriving within a day of each other, one can only imagine they share some similar thread in their stories, yet to be seen.

mars retrograde

Capricorn Moon Thoughts:

What obligations can you sever or correct that will better suit your needs right now?

You are strong alone, but you are not an island and you can connect.

Are you overworking to compensate for an emotional void?

Can you allow yourself some time to simply be?

How connected are you to your vision and ambition for you and only you?

You are good enough, strong enough, talented enough.

Are you making enough time for your home life as well as your career path?

Are you nurturing yourself enough or overbooking and overextending yourself?

You will make it, you can do it, good things come in time

Good luck with this tricky energy and try to take its lessons in stride!

Love,  @MackAndTheZodiac

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