Rising From the Ashes: August 2018 Horoscopes

Wow! We've made it to August baby!! Its been a very intense last few months… lots of eclipses, and many planets in retrograde. However, it's all coming to an end very soon, and this will be the last intense month of the year. This also means it’s the last month to make those big changes, transform, do something amazing and set our lives on the right path!

With mars still in retrograde, our fiery willpower and drive increases. This is fantastic for setting your mind to achieving things and gives us the courage to take chances, but avoid thinking irrationally and try your best to avoid arguments.

Additionally, with mercury still in retrograde, our ability to communicate and take in new information can be challenged. Refrain from big life-changing decisions or talks with loved ones until the end of the month when the planet stops its retrograde.




Our Aries babes have been feeling a little less energetic than usual, so don't stress that you're finding your energy levels are low without any clear reasoning. You may have also been feeling a little indecisive and unsure, however as we enter the middle of August, all of this will change! You will be working hard on the little things that will lead to a great victory, so keep pushing!

You've got a lot of love and care to give this month, so focus on making beautiful intimate connections with those around you. However, be careful not to fall into an obsession with anything new.

You may be working on a creative or career-related project, and toward the end of the year, you'll see this hard work pay off! Pay attention to any new business partnerships or career-related relationships that enter in this month.




Taurus, this month may come as a bit of a challenge for you, but don’t fret! When you are challenged, this is the best opportunity to grow. Life will reward you later on in the month if you persist with planning and getting the little things in your life in order. You have an urge to break out and do things your way, maybe you feel like your career is at a bit of a standstill. Toward the end of the month around the full moon eclipse, you will break free from something, trust that this is all for good reasoning and you will feel liberated. You may be putting a lot of energy into caring for others, but remember to also take care of yourself. You may also find yourself having big conversations with your family relating to the past and also relating to new beginnings.




Your core thoughts and intuition may be feeling a little hazy Gemini, you may not be feeling your best self. The new moon this month is in your sign, which will focus on important conversations to be had with yourself and your loved ones, remember that your thoughts create your reality, so keep a positive mindset and you may find a renewed belief in yourself. Your sense of inner power may be challenged at some point this month, but with the full moon eclipse focusing on your career, you may find yourself coming into a new sense of power through you're career and reputation. This month is a great chance for you to write in a journal and reflect on your emotions.




Cancer babes will have their time to shine in the next coming months. Right now your focusing deep within yourself and questioning your deepest passions, who you want to spend your time with and so on. You may find people from the past will appear and teach you lessons important to your growth moving forward. You may find a sense of rebirth and energy put back into your sensuality, allowing for more peace and harmony. Toward the end of the month, you'll feel more confident saying the things you want to say, particularly around making money. Allow the moon to speak to you during the eclipse, you may find you're evaluating your sense of adventure and freedom.




The past few months have been a radical change for you Leo, you're shedding your skin and showing your beautiful charismatic self. Around the 11th, you may find yourself letting go of something which will be of profound importance to your growth. You may feel flirtatious, excited and impulsive but be careful about being over-confident and consider the impact your words have on others. During the full moon eclipse, you may find emotions relating to power, safety, sex or pain will arise. Whatever happens here is important to focus on and will help you on your fresh new path. Keep working on getting the small details in your life in order and you will thrive.




With all the planets in retrograde and a crazy forecast of eclipses, its been a bit crazy for you Virgo. Remember to be sensible about the things you do, don’t be too critical and don’t put people on a pedestal, remember that not everyone is perfect. You may be thinking about past adventures and planning new ones toward the end of the month. You may be more in touch with your psychic abilities this month, finding something you sensed in the past turned out to be true, and diving within to listen to your inner wisdom.

You feel more like your true self toward the end of the month, being more clear about your feelings and knowing what you want, embrace your optimism and excitement!




Libra! This month is a big one for you. Your innate charm and magic sparkle will shine through and allow you to spend time and energy loving yourself and loving those around you. Remind yourself what love and intimacy mean for you and stay honest with those feelings. Spend some time thinking about who you spend your time with and who you vibrate with the best, this month you may have the opportunity to find your wolfpack! The full moon eclipse at the end of the month may bring an unexpected revelation.




There's a lot going on this month Scorpio, but you'll feel more inclined to get intimate and be romantic. Spend time building deep connections with your intimate relationships and indulge in that energy you are willing to put into it. The new moon may be a massive shift for you in terms of your career and what you need to do or change in order to get to where you want to be. Enjoy this positive rebirthing as a journey and don’t rush into anything.

It's important for you to think about the things that inspire your creativity and make you feel passionate. Are you still passionate about the same things? There may be a message in the full moon relating to something you may need to let go of or commit to in order to devote yourself to your love life or your creative project.




Full steam ahead Sagittarius! This month you'll continue to be working hard behind the scenes, laying foundations that you'll greatly benefit from in the future. You're an ideas engine! Eager to express yourself and show the world your passion. Around the 11th you may find something or someone will be removed from your life which will assist you in your endeavors to fly. You may find yourself feeling super adventurous and outgoing, and you may have the potential to find your true wolfpack and meet some super fascinating people. People will be eager to listen to you and your ideas, which is backed by your clearly defined intuition. This may be career-related,  and you may find big shifts occur toward the end of the month, making all that hard work totally worth it.




Again, there's a lot going on this month Capricorn, and it's important for you to pay attention to any secrets you hold or others hold - all could be revealed! There's a big focus on your primal values, consider past situations that may have hindered your confidence and think about what makes you feel powerful. You may feel the desire to work on a creative idea of yours, or really focus on transforming your relationships. Wherever your passion lies, there may be potential to make money from this. You may feel restricted in your career, you know what you want but you may feel stagnant where you are right now. Don’t make any big moves until the end of the month when you start to feel a little more in power and confident.

You may find yourself connecting really well with a certain group of people, so open your heart to them!




The beginning of this month may be quite draining, both physically and emotionally for you Aquarius. But don’t worry, you'll start to feel the pressure lift toward the middle of the month. Emotions run high, so make sure you're expressing yourself to your loved ones, you'll find you have a lot to say. This is a perfect time to meditate and spend time with yourself. This is also an opportunity for you to think about what relationships mean to you, as toward the end of the month there may be big shifts in your perspective on love, and you'll start feeling romantic and generally more yourself.




Pisces! You may feel a great determination to get your life in order and possibly find yourself stepping into your true power. Listen to your intuition (which you are pretty amazing at anyway). Be cautious of any jealous, obsessive, intense and secretive emotions that may arise. You may want to focus on your health and getting those little details in your life in order. In the middle and toward the end of the month you may be feeling super generous and giving, you may want to help others or give to a charity of some sort. The eclipse will bring a massive revelation about who you are and your deepest desires.


About The Author: Lauren Crabtree (@crabbypatty__)

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