On July 27th, a revolutionary full moon blooms in Aquarius and with it comes a brooding lunar eclipse. Aquarius moons urge us to get in touch with our friend groups, our communities, and to pinpoint ourselves in the bigger picture of humanity. The full moon in Aquarius is not typically one of the more emotional full moons, as it’s being ruled by a detached and mentally stimulated air sign, but because this one comes hand in hand with a lunar eclipse, it’s much more likely to be emotionally potent.

Where solar eclipses revolve more around action and fated events, lunar eclipses are more about pausing and reflecting on our emotional responses to the events as of late and the process of their unfolding. Our minds become flooded with dreams and memories as lunar eclipses make us conscious of the passing of time and where we presently exist in the bigger picture of our lives.

Eclipses are wildcards, ushering new things in and old things out, often in a sudden and dramatic way. Embrace this now while things are in a rapid state of change, for ultimately eclipses are a helpful guide, leading us towards the betterment and growth that we long for.

Eclipses are also notorious for heightened emotional responsiveness and mental activity. They also tend to take people out of our lives that have been on their way out for quite some time. If you've been on the fence about breaking up with someone, now may be the ideal time to let it go. Also, keep your health in check around eclipses, because health matters can escalate quickly.

See a doctor if you’re feeling a little wonky or have any chronic conditions that are suddenly acting up. It's also not unusual to have older or ill people in our lives pass on around this time as well, so it's best to generally be in touch with those who are struggling with their health or encourage those who refuse to attend to their own health matters to do so currently.

This is the last eclipse occurring within the Leo/Aquarius axis, one concluding the eclipses that occurred in this sign throughout 2017. We’re in a process of coming to a completion or forming an understanding regarding the stories of the last 2 years and what they've come to mean for us. The Leo/Aquarius axis is one representative of the individual vs. the group, the lone lover vs. the lover of humanity, the artist vs. the collective expression.

We've been dabbling in this archetype for a while, hence why the eclipse is currently culminating in this pair of signs.  We've been learning to embrace the artist within, while also seeing how that artist can play within the larger picture of society. We've also been learning to reel back on our egos, and wondering how we can contribute to the world at large in a more meaningful way. 

The Aquarius full moon lunar eclipse is tightly conjunct retrograde Mars, who so far has been the leading character in the plot line of our summer, so it’s no coincidence that this lunar eclipse is imbued with a Martian-like quality. Mars retrograde has had us making impulsive and imperfect movements throughout the summer so far. We may have severed ties with people or existing situations that needed to be released that were no longer serving us, though we may have done it in haste or lacking a degree of tact.

The lunar eclipse will have us ruminating on the emotional outcome of these particular decisions. The choice we made during Mars retrograde often turn out to be sharp, aggressive, and impulsive, and can sometimes have us burn bridges accidentally. Don't let it drag you down the rabbit hole of over thinking though, whatever we do happens for a reason, and we can always learn from the mishaps we make in our endings. 

This eclipse will be purging us of Mars-ruled habits, such as pent-up aggression, willpower and drive, sexuality, and our relationship to the men in our lives, (Mars ruling over younger men and the male animus). Now is a great time for emotional,  sexual release- whatever you gotta do to let go. Talk to someone if that feels best. Mars in an air sign, meaning it's relying on communication and voice to set its chains free. Use your voice now to alleviate your more emotional underlying feelings.

We may encounter some rapid change and healing in our relationships surrounding the eclipse, perhaps even calling off existing ones that are no longer serving a functional healthy purpose. If your goal is not to cut things off that aren’t working, then embrace the energy for a fresh shake up and to embrace a new change intimately.  This is all due to relationship Venus in harmonious aspect to transformative Pluto.

Make the healthy choice to make changes that need to be implemented now! This eclipse is also square strongly to chaotic and innovative Uranus. This means that we're likely to be experiencing some strong revelations, needs for change, and a desire for freshness and realness.

Honor that so much is shifting right now. It's incredibly evident in a cultural sense, and as they say, As above, So below. We're all feeling these eclipse changes in a big way on a personal level. Take it in stride. Embrace your emotions. Speak your mind with tact. Make action more cautious.

With love,


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