Reading up on our horoscopes can have a profound impact on the way we view ourselves, the way we interact with others, and the way we respond to events or emotions that occur in our lives. Sometimes finding out some of your simplest life queries through your star sign can make your life feel that much more together. With the summer sun burnin' hot, finding the right swimsuit is essential if you're all about making the most of those rays. But with so many gorgeous cuts, prints, and colors, it can all feel a little overwhelming!
That’s why we've looked to the stars to find out what swimsuit best suits each zodiac sign!


reverie one piece

You, Aries, are always up for an adventure. You're not the type to sit and sunbathe all day, you're in the water, discovering hidden rock pools, up on your surfboard, seizing the day! So you need a bathing suit that’s going to be just as versatile, which is why our Reverie One Piece is perfect for you! Featuring supportive back straps, and full coverage bottom, meaning no wardrobe malfunctions mid-activity, and a beautiful mandala design and low plunging neckline to match your show-stopping vibe!


earthbound one piece

Taurus gals are all about keeping on trend. You're not one for crazy bright patterns and extravagant colors, but a swimsuit that says pretty and feminine with figure-flattering details is what you're all about. That's why we've chosen the Earthbound one piece for you, featuring soft, dreamy and totally on-trend pastels with elegant side cut-out details. Pair with your fav denim shorts and you've found yourself your easiest summer outfit ever!


When it comes to sticking to a decision, you Gemini gals struggle a little. There's just too many beautiful styles and prints! Where the hell do you begin?! Well darlin, we think our Harmonic Echo one piece is the one for you. The super playful cheeky cut leg and low back make for the perfect pool party. But we know you've got plans later on, so reverse to the other beautiful print and team with a beach kimono and mini skirt for a whole new outfit!


flora helix one piece

Cancerians are super shy and reclusive, right? Wrong! You may be known to be one of the quieter signs, but you actually love to make the most of your moments and we think the Flora Helix one piece is your next fav summer essential. Featuring one of our best selling prints, the basic black allows you to pair it with your whole wardrobe, whilst the plunging neckline is totally figured flattering is sure to turn heads!


heliocentric dreamer one piece

Bold, bright, fun patterns and cuts that will set you apart, that's what you're all about, Leo. You're all about making a statement, which is exactly why we've chosen the Heliocentric Dreamer reversible one piece for you. Strut that inner goddess with our most popular heliocentric print, and get those buns nice and tanned with the super cheeky cut leg. Reverse the one piece to wow everyone all over again in the dreamy summer blue and white design.


kundalini rising one piece

Virgos have an attention to detail, you know your worth and you know how to let your soul shine. Our Kundalini Rising one piece ticks all the boxes for you, with the refined and mystical snake design, and sexy side cut out details. You don’t always need bright bold patterns to turn heads, just as long as your swimsuit can last you on your daily adventures!


heavenly one piece

Refined beauty and attention to detail, Libra's twitch at the sign of clashing color palette. This is why we think the Heavenly one piece is the right fit for you. You'll adore the subtle cool tones within the sacred geometric design, inspired by the beautiful alpine glow of the sun hitting the snow. In a cut that is supportive and figure-flattering, this is the perfect summer staple to add to your super-stylish wardrobe.


heliocentric ranger one piece

You Scorpio gals are natural born leaders and don’t shy away from flaunting your mystical, super sexy vibe. The Heliocentric Ranger one-piece features a super sexy, strappy, plunging V-neck in our most popular bewitching and enlightening print. Go from soaking up some rays at the beach to turning heads on the dancefloor, paired with some killer boots, this baby makes the best festival statement.


soul atlas one piece

Adventure, color, and total boho vibes! You Sagi gals are free at heart and need a swimsuit that will not only last you on all your adventures, but you want something that’s going to inject some fun and positive vibes into all that you do. That’s why we think the reverse side of the Soul Atlas one piece is all for you. Stand out from the crowd in the bold, psychedelic pink and blue geometric design, perfect for all your fun-filled adventures.


stratus one piece

You're a practical powerhouse Capricorn. And nothing says refined, easy summer essentials like our Stratus one piece. The soft dreamy blue hues are like a breath of fresh air, and the mid coverage bottom means easy wearing all day long.


soul atlas one piece

Being on trend isn't always your vibe, just as long as you're defining your self-worth and sticking to your humanitarian values. We think the butterfly print from the Soul Atlas one piece is the perfect Aquarius staple, the butterfly represents transformation, which will always remind you of the second life you're giving to the recycled plastic bottles used to make your swimsuit.


astral ranger one piece

Last but not least, you Pisces babes are always thinking of the next step, and aren’t afraid to take a risk. Turn heads in the Astral Ranger one-piece featuring a super sexy, strappy, plunging neckline and refined simple geometric design. This one piece will outlast fads and trends, making sustainable look oh-so-sexy time and time again!

And for all zodiacs…

Don't forget to make it sustainable! Each of our swimsuits is made from R.P.E.T fabric, meaning you're contributing to a cleaner mother earth by reducing the amount of plastic waste ending up in our landfills and polluting our oceans!


About The Author: Lauren Crabtree (@crabbypatty__)

Lauren is a passionately driven graphic and textile designer living in Sydney, Australia. Her work is driven by the desire for a better future, one that returns to a love for the handmade, and one that respects the impacts of textiles on mother nature.
Lauren loves to blog about creativity, sustainability, astrology, health, and wellbeing. She believes in the power of positivity and engages in a mindful, intentional life.
Lauren loves learning about new cultures and is particularly fascinated by traditional Indian textile processes and Indian culture.
Lauren loves to weave, crochet, eco-dye, screen print, block print, wrap, and macramé.


August 06, 2018

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