Bigger, better, bolder. The active, energetic and impulsive Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, symbolizing new beginnings and bringing with it a boost of energy (which I'm sure we all needed). April 2019 comes with a chance for most of us to reflect deeply on who we are, what and who makes us happy and what our purpose is within the world. Mercury enters into Aries while Mars enters into Gemini (otherwise known as a mutual reception, where two signs trade places from their home planets) meaning communication may feel more energized and possibly aggressive, and the pace of your day-to-day may go from 0 to 100 real quick. A full moon in Libra toward the end of the month provides balance and asks us to consider the relationships around us and helps us get what we want through charm and grace. This month, be wary of misrepresented information and be patient when it comes to listening to others.



All signs are pointing north, Aries. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from reaching the stars this month because the universe will support you in every step. Gemini in your home planet of Mars will make you feel a little more adventurous and willing to discover new ways of connecting with the world and with others. Coupled with the Libra full moon later in the month, you have a sense of charm about you and you'll find it relatively easy to get your point across or get your way. You know what you want Aries, and you're going to get it if you play your cards right.



Wealth in all senses of the word is important to you Taurus, and with Mars in the social butterfly sign of Gemini and Mercury in the energetic sign of Aries,endeavors you'll want to consider ways of expanding your financial horizons and how you can use your communication skills to make that change. If work its fine-and-dandy for you at the moment, maybe its time to consider the wealth of your physical or spiritual wellbeing and whether things can be tweaked or changed in your daily-life to accommodate feeling like the best version of you. Make room for love this month Taurus, both for yourself and for others.



April 2019 looks like a positive month for Gemini's, but you're only going to get out of it as much as what you put in. With Mars in your sign and mercury (your home planet) going direct, you're feeling totally in your element when it comes to expressing yourself, telling stories, jokes, writing or blogging and generally being the social butterfly you are. Communication might be focused around long term goals, dreams, and desires for the future. The Libra full moon toward the end of the month gives you a charming and romantic flare, so have fun with it!



I'll be real with you Cancer, there's some more hard work on the horizon for you this April, but the Aries energy in the air has you feeling resilient and ready to take on any challenge head first. Connecting to your higher self will prove beneficial and might give you a great insight into the ways you can tweak your daily life to get to where you want to be, particularly with your career and your status in the public domain. You're feeling independent in your endeavors this month, but don’t forget about the relationships around you and whether they'll be a positive impact.



The future, your purpose here on earth, and all those other big life questions have been on your mind recently Leo. This April is a great chance for you to really lock in on what it is that you're striving towards and go out and discover things about yourself that can help shape the person you want to be. Support from the universe is on your side so you have the chance this month to open up new doors and try new ways of doing things. Go for a bushwalk, or maybe take the weekend off and go for a drive to your favorite spot. Take that time for yourself to look within and find that passionate lion(ess). The full moon in Libra toward the end of the month will make you captivating and charming to others, a great chance to manifest what you really want.



Change is on the horizon Virgo, and it's your working life that's in the spotlight. Have you been considering a new job? A new position? Maybe you're thinking about being your own boss and starting a new business. Whatever it is, take the time this month to consider what working life you desire most and why. You have the support from the universe this month to make changes and influence others. Consider your happiness and joy when it comes to the way you make money, you have the power to create your dream job. 



The presence of Mars in Gemini coupled with Jupiter in Sagittarius means that April 2019 is a great month for you to get out into the world and find new things that excite you and bring you a fire-ry passion. Libra is the sign of compromise, balance, and harmony and often your outlook on your relationships will consider both sides equally. Take the chance this month to think about your self within your close relationships and ask 'how does this relationship contribute to my happiness?', 'can anything be done to make this exchange of energy more positive or fulfilling?'. Surround yourself with people that make you feel like your best self, your intuition is powerful. 



Physical health, your perception of yourself and how you connect with others may be the subject of personal healing this month Scorpio. Are you being hard on yourself? Do you have enough freedom in your working life? Are your opinions being heard by your loved ones? Intuition is strong and you also have the power of resilience on your side to help you find answers and sort out a positive career situation.



Relationships and romanticism haven't really been on the forefront of your mind, but this month the stars are really pushing you to consider what your loved ones mean to you. Single Sagis are in an awesome position to get out and meet new people. Commitment for Sagis in a relationship may have the potential to feel like a burden. Be careful with this energy and use this time to be clear about your relationship and how it matches up to the love you are seeking. Maybe there's a desire or emotion that needs to be communicated? Think about what feeds your soul, find what it is that makes you happy and gallop toward it.



The home front is in the spotlight for you this month Capricorn. Lots of energy sits in your house of family and relationships, asking you to consider if there are opportunities to heal or confront emotions. Practicality is a big thing for you, your daily routine, diet, health etc. might benefit from a change in some aspect. Actions you take now on the little things will prove helpful for you in the near future. The full moon in Libra makes you an excellent and charming communicator when it comes to your professional relationships. How can these relationships benefit you in your career endeavors?



Passionate connections and relationships full of energy are a big focus for you this month. Put your whole heart into relationships that matter to you and focus on clear, strong communication. This will ultimately help you to heal any hurt or remove obstacles that are holding you back. Put yourself in the best position to receive love and happiness. Communication is your best tool here.



Finances are starting to look good Pisces, and this positive financial situation might help you discover new passions or desires about your inner self. You'll have support from family or close relationships in terms of making any changes in your working life. Insight or new perspectives may come from your important relationships. Be careful not to let fears or insecurities hinder your romantic relationships. You're starting to live more harmoniously with the influences in your life that are greater than you.


About the Author:

Lauren Crabtree (@lauren.crabtreee)

Lauren is a passionately driven graphics and textile creative living in Sydney, Australia. Her work is fueled by a desire to educate and advocate a world that is not simply 'sustainable' but is trying with all its might to be the best that it possibly can, because in the end, that is all we can be. Lauren's favorite place to travel includes India and Hawaii, and her favorite yoga practice is Vinyassa. 

Lauren writes our monthly horoscopes along with other graphics and copywriting work. But she also loves to weave, sew, crochet, eco-dye, screenprint, and block print.

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