Happy March, Wolfpack!

Is it March already?!


As we enter the third month of 2019, intuition runs high for all zodiac signs as we embrace the emotional, imaginative and romantic sign of Pisces. Coupled with Mercury heading into retrograde (yes, again) on the 5th, we are given the opportunity to consider the way we emotionally and truthfully communicate with ourselves, with others, and with our environment.



There's a lot of energy around this month for you Pisces. The unexpected may be just around the corner, or perhaps a new path in which you've set yourself on is not crystal clear in its end goal. Trust that incredibly strong gut feeling of yours, be open, ask questions, and don't be afraid to begin stepping into a newfound sense of purpose and light.



As an Aries babe, you tend to thrive off spontaneity and jumping straight into the deep end. However, you might feel more of an urge to pump the breaks this month. Don't fret if you don’t have an answer to things straight away, trust that the universe has set you on a path of purpose and truth and listen to your intuition for the signs. Now is a good time to spend some quality one-on-one time with your self and reflect, rest, and recharge.



Taurus wolves love to see tangible results rather than dream about the possibilities. However, with the presence of Uranus this month, change and growth will be occurring and you may not necessarily understand why. Be willing to let go of what you can not control this month, and have confidence that everything will be okay. Remember that the universe is always on your side. Often it is important to be ok with sitting in the dark, in order to appreciate the light.



Your ruling planet, Mercury, will be in retrograde again for the majority of this month. This makes for a perfect time to revisit any new year resolutions, goals, and long-term plans. Accomplishments regarding your career will be in the spotlight. Devote some time this month to journaling and really refining your thoughts. A weekend getaway might even spell a positive refresh and rejuvenation to your emotional and physical self.



Cancerians have been working hard and we've all seen it. That development and mental growth are only ever going to serve you well when faced with new situations.

Trust the process, even if you don't understand the breadth of it all, and focus on integrating that mental strength into each aspect of your life. Integration is a step by step process; it takes patience and patience is a virtue. Pay attention to events happening around the new moon on the 20th, rewarding moments occur with determination.



Some unnecessary circumstances may occur for you this month. Although these circumstances are unavoidable, how you handle them makes all the difference. This month will be an excellent time to practice gratitude. Remember that the situations life presents to you are all lessons in one way or another, and it is often the ones that affect your deepest sense of self that lead to humbleness and growth. Growth this month will be focused around work life and how you handle your emotional self. 



This month will have its ups and downs. The yin and the yang. You must first feel the rain in order to embrace the rainbow. Your intuition will be your best friend this month, listen to it, as it is your greatest judgment of truth. You have a strong tendency to bite off more than you can chew when it comes to making plans, so don't push yourself too hard this month. Take extra time to move through emotions, relationships, and situations with care and reflection.



Relationships and those around you will be of focus this month Libra. You will be of service to those around you. Whether it's your loved ones or colleagues, your natural charm and grace will be of great support to those around you. Remember to be attentive to boundaries, both your own and others. It's important not to compromise either parties energy levels and understand where you stand.



Scorpios will feel the effects of Mercury entering its retrograde from the 5th of this month with quite profound, perspective-shifting results. The way you think and the way you communicate is subject to a total upheaval, which can be an extremely uplifting and positive experience if you are open to it. Use this time to evaluate relationships in your life. Is there something you have been meaning to say to someone? The retrograde is a favorable time for you to deeply process your thoughts.



Your recent experiences have transformed your sense of self, now its time to inject that into all aspects of your life. As a Sag, you welcome new environments, ideas, and projects with enthusiasm and positivity. This month is a good time to pick up unusual activities or career-related endeavors. However, you have a tendency to abandon things when they don't seem to be working the way you want them too. Persevere, why and how is this different from what you thought? After all, sometimes the end goal is different from the original idea, but this can be a perspective shifting, growth-inducing process.



As a Capricorn, you hold a great skill in problem-solving and decision making. However, the energy of Mercury's retrograde coupled with airy-fairy Pisces may spell confusion for you. Patience and persistence are key for you this month. Be open to progress without instant results. It is also a good time for you to come up with unique ways to make extra money, there are creative rivers flowing within you.



Ideals and dreams for the future are often considered in your mind on a social, global scale. Your intuition will be a great indicator of whether you need to start actioning peace and harmony from within or from around you. However, fun as daydreaming up your reality can be, it's important for you to stay practical and rational this month when it comes to tangible realities.


About the Author:

Lauren Crabtree (@lauren.crabtreee)

Lauren is a passionately driven graphics and textile creative living in Sydney, Australia. Her work is fueled by a desire to educate and advocate a world that is not simply 'sustainable' but is trying with all its might to be the best that it possibly can, because in the end, that is all we can be. Lauren has traveled to India multiple times and is a Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin lover and a strong advocate for the mental benefits yoga can teach.

Lauren writes our monthly horoscopes along with other graphics and copywriting work. But she also loves to weave, sew, crochet, eco-dye, screenprint, and block print.


Written in correspondence with:

Yasmeen van Arkel (@yasmeen.vanarkel)

Yasmeen is a hardworking aspiring creative marketer in her final year at Florida Atlantic University. She enjoys spending her free time at the beach, doing yoga and cooking. Her love for animals led her to become vegan which in turn, helped her realize the environmental impact that unhealthy practices like fast fashion are having on our planet. She is the new Design & Marketing Intern here at Wolven. 

March 01, 2019

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