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By Ash and Tessla

What you wear to a festival can greatly impact your experience as well as the environment. Whether you want to look like a psychedelic cowgirl or monochromatic sailor, you want your clothing to be functional and unique. It is also important that you are environmentally conscious when choosing your clothing. A festival is a great place to show others how they can also make sustainable choices such as bringing their own reusable cups and utensils and wearing eco-friendly brands.

That is why we choose to wear Wolven and other small-batch fashion brands. We mostly accessorize with things we find at thrift stores which is also eco-friendly.

Our Wolvens are our absolute favorite pieces to style. Their comfortable fabrics, unique cuts, and dynamic prints are eye-catching and versatile. Turn your yoga workshop fit into a dance floor stunner with just the help of a few accessories

Following are some Glitter Spy tips on how to style your favorite Wolvens this festival season.


Wearing one color from head to toe is a simple yet bold statement. Wolven’s new solid color pieces truly pop-especially against a nature-filled backdrop. We chose the Cayenne and Indigo tones to suit our signature hot & cold color dynamic.

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The trick to monochrome is to stay as close to the same color as possible and just add some texture. Here, we paired our look with vintage hats, sunglasses from the Downtown LA fashion district and matching lipstick.

It only takes three accessories to complete each of these looks and all items are small enough to put into a bag and take to a yoga workshop. You also have the ability to go right to the dance floor without having to stop by camp.

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Add a robe in the same color and BOOM. You’re ready for the night. This is an outfit that is is easy to layer.


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Wolven’s Noor print looks incredible with all animal prints from leopard to zebra- lending itself to a safari-style look. It also looks great with gold and anything dusty yellow. You can rock this print day to night by just switching your bottoms from high-waisted bikini bottoms or shorts to leggings or joggers.

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Gold and Black

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We added a bit of glamor to the Liquid Onyx and Flora Helix prints by using accents of gold in our jewelry, makeup and accessories. We suggest choosing a metal like gold, silver or mixed for each of your festival outfits.

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You can easily dress up a Wolven mini dress by adding a chain belt, platforms and sheer short- sleeve metallic duster. Wear your one-piece swimsuit as a bodysuit by adding a layer. Here, we styled this swimsuit with rhinestone pants and a vintage church hat we found thrifting. Pairing these pieces with gold metallics add shine and an element of elegance to both looks.

Psychedelic Layers

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It’s easy to create a bunch of different looks by pairing two different iterations of the same print. This creates a psychedelic and trippy look. You can also punk it up and add some edge with an o-ring choker.

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If it gets chilly at night, you can wear fleece lined leggings under your pants and layer with a faux fur coat and hat for extra warmth. Chunky platforms instantly take your threads from casual and chill to dance-floor ready.

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Black and White

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It might sound simple to wear black and white to a festival but if you add a couple layers and textures- it can come off super cool. We love the Raina and Kona print because it is actually black, white and dark blue - that blue really adds an element of freshness.

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Remember- festival fashion is all about FUN! Wear what makes you feel comfortable and like your best self. Festivals are a place to step outside your normal comfort zone and feel safe and supported. Take this as an opportunity to wear what your heart truly desires.

Styled by: @GlitterSpies

Photography by: @harmonyskyephotos


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