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April was filled with passion and excitement and we loved it, but we're also glad we finally get to take a breather. Not that we don't enjoy the pumped-up months, but sometimes they get the best of us. Taurus (April 20-May 20th) and Gemini (May 21st-  June 20th) season is coming up right along with the beginning of that summer feeling, and we're ready for it. 


Explosive months tend to drain us, but that just leaves more room to fill the empty space that is left untouched. You've been busy planning and getting all of your to-do lists ready, and now with Coachella and Desert Hearts out of the way, you have the time and space to go for what you want. Seize the moment, focus on yourself and get ready to achieve your goals. 


If you're a sensual, practical and well-grounded Taurus, you're probably also carrying some possessive, uncompromising and stubborn traits. Thus, all this April momentum has left you feeling detached and disconnected from your mind and body. So straight shooter, my fierce Taurus, don't be afraid to share your opinions and ideas but do so being cautious as your candor won't be received with open arms by everybody. On the upside, Saturn retrograde will give you the much needed time you've been waiting for to soften you up. Use this time to develop upcoming projects, practice tenderness and work on your communicative deliveries — you may even have some purposeful travel on the books. You're ready to embark on an epic mission. 


Oh, you... one of my favorite signs. May comes starts out sweet and soft like a lamb at the beginning, and out like a lion towards the end for you. You will be in touch with your social activities and events. Your love life will also be at a high peak. Despite important appearances, let the New Moon give you time to concentrate as this year will be a vital one for your spiritual renewal. Remember to slow down, reflect, and relax. 


My sweet cancer... you always have a spot in my heart. The sun will bring you the enthusiasm, energy, and creativity you've been craving. Its been a rough beginning to the year but you will finally get the time you need to be with your friends and family. Focus on self-confidence and remain with the positive attitude you always carry and everyone appreciates. 


Attention: supersized fresh goals. This May, you could be more stimulated than ever to recalibrate your professional route or blaze an exhilarating new path. As the Sun travels through Taurus until May 21, your 10th house of desires and leadership warms up. Focus on the legacy you want to create and how you wish to influence the world at large.


Mars, the planet of sexuality and the basic animal in us, is in your money house this month. That means you will continue with the urge for productivity. The sun moves into Aries which will gift you with a direct, fiery nature that will be putting you one step ahead of others.  Make sure you take the time to put all your thoughts and ideas into powerful downloads, Virgo. Be careful not to go into overdrive and be sure to continue practicing your meditation and incorporate exercises to decompress into your daily routine. 


This May, more than ever you will continue to strive for people to be successful. You may have to employ your natural talents in every task. Lately, we've seen you in full butterfly mode but your wings need some rest. As the Sun circles through Taurus and your private, meditative eighth house until May 21, we’re allowing you to make an escape and take a time-out from the social scene. Get off the grid and navigate towards some transformational, uninterrupted work with minimal distractions.


This month, the Sun is warming up the two most commitment-oriented zones of your chart. Cultivate your most important relationships and discover ways you can unite forces for mutual gain. As the strategic freak you are (and I can say this because I’m a Scorpio), you've got a strong eye for these types of synergies. The connections you nurture from now on will turn into thriving resources before the end of the year.


It’s a busy time of year for you. In ancient Hellenistic astrology, Venus links with the lips. When Venus enters Taurus, it will be conquering your house of routine. Whereas the beginning of May will be a time to reflect about work, at the end of the month the focus will shift to people. Don’t let that take too much time out of you as you are moving towards financial stability and eating out and nights out with friends won’t help with that.


Do you feel that Spring fever? May brings presents and they carry creativity, exuberant energy and passion as your fifth house boils up until May 21. You're feeling unusually confident and keen to show what's been percolating within. A bubbling magnetism could blossom into the real-deal so keep an eye out on a love connection.


Bear up, Aquarius. As the Sun visits Taurus and your domestic fourth house, you're on a delayed hibernation schedule. Enjoy those soothing spring vibes and just nest and relax. Book plenty of quality time at the Chateau. We’re giving you all the planetary permission to mind all your business at home and spend some quality time with the family and focusing on any personal matters. This will leave you feeling anchored and fulfilled. Self-care is never a bad idea, particularly since this year's social star map has undoubtedly spread you thin.


Get ready to mingle, Pisces. May is off to a vibrant start and with the Sun in Taurus and your communicative third house there’s no better time to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.  After Mercury, the planet of expression, running backward through your sign for most of March, you’ve earned the right to bring back your high energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. You will be excited to learn in this inquisitive solar cycle. Get out the books, podcasts, Ted talks, or whatever intriguing media that call to you.


About the Author 

Aitana Cardoso @aitanaacardoso

Aitana is a passionately driven marketing, creative director and model living in Los Angeles. Being only 25 and having lived in over 10 countries she is the epidote of wanderlust. She was born in Cancun, Mexico and grew up in the happy island of Aruba. She graduated from college in Miami and shortly after moved to California, a place she has made her home. When she is not planning photoshoots, booking her next travels, or marketing new brands, she enjoys learning vegan recipes, trying new yoga studios, volunteering at animal shelters, attempting to garden, and spending time with her one-eyed frenchie.

Aitana writes our monthly horoscopes and is one of our brand ambassadors.

April 30, 2019

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