There is nothing more fun than getting dressed up in your wildest outfits and dancing with your best friends in the beautiful escape of a music festival, but often the euphoria is crushed by the lack of consideration for our Mother Earth. Lightning in a Bottle is a festival that leads the way on the sustainability front, and since it is just around the corner, we wanted to share some of their sustainable efforts with our wolfpack! 

“Lightning In A Bottle is designed, built and curated based on a core ethos centered on sustainability, harm reduction, cultural respect, and most of all, creating an environment for extraordinary experiences. These principles guide LIB’s vision and its team’s decision-making every step of the way." Here is how Lighting in a Bottle is leading the way for sustainable festivals:

1. Renewable Energy

While your dancing under the moon, soaking in all the music and admiring beautifully lit stages and art installations, you can stand proud knowing that LiB reduces as much energy as possible by using energy saving LED lighting and biodiesel fuel to light towers, generators and crew vehicles. Around the festival there are solar and compact fluorescent lights keeping the night lit up and party going in a mindful way!

2. Leave No Trace

Not only does LiB have a Green Team that stays after the festival to make sure that we leave the grounds cleaner than we found them, they work tirelessly throughout the festival educating festival goers on recycling, composting and how to leave your campgrounds trash-free. Be sure wherever you go, you throw your trash in the designated bins, here's a list of tips:

Recycling: plastic bottles (avoid these!), cans, paper and glass
Compost: food scraps, plant matter, compostable napkins
Landfill: un-recyclable plastics or trash

3. FREE water

Festivals tend to get hot, but that doesn’t stop us from dancing, we are always reminding our wolfpack to stay hydrated and this applies even more if you’re attending LiB! Leave your plastic bottles at the store and bring a reusable bottle or hydration pack to fill up at the LiB Water Refill Station. Since 2006 LiB has set the zero waste example and pioneered the way for other festivals to adopt this great idea.

4. Innovative and Value-Based Partners

LiB is partnering with a number of different organizations whose values are based on creating change and serving the greater good of all people and our planet. These partners will be holding workshops and presentations that will educate and empower attendees on sustainability, health, expression and social cohesion.

Here are a couple of the wonderful workshops we are looking forward to:
- Continuing the Conversation: Presenters Networking Session (Nexus Global Labs)
- Indigenous Climate Solutions from the Frontlines: Erial DeRanger (Indigenous Environmental Network)
- Ancient Plant Medicine in a Modern World: Eda Zavala Lopez (Planet Experts)
- The Alchemy of Radiance: A Kundalini Experience (Life Force Academy)
For more visit :

5. Vegan Yummy-ness !

No worries for our vegan tribe, LiB has plenty of organic, locally-sourced and Vegan friendly food vendors. Nutrient-dense, hydrating vegan meals are a great way to keep your body thriving and nourished throughout all the yoga, dancing and amazing workshops you will be attending. 

Written by guest blogger Agne Bakis (@LoveAgne)
Agne has been a photographer for 5 years and finds inspiration through music, the outdoors, fashion and beautiful creative settings. She enjoys cooking, yoga, hiking, dancing and creating all sorts of art. She is a firm believer in sustainability, health and the vegan lifestyle as a whole. Agne’s goal is to create magical photographs and share the message of sustainability and a cruelty free lifestyle! Find Agne with her camera on the dance floor at LiB dressed in Wolven. If you see her, be sure to ask her to snap a pic!

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