Summer festival season has finally arrived. For all the music lovers out there this season could not have come sooner. Here at Wolven, we preach advocacy for living a sustainable lifestyle. Thankfully, there are products out there to help cut down our waste intake to help out our planet. Sustainable practices are easy to incorporate into your upcoming festival adventures. Festivals like Lightning In a Bottle (LiB) have implemented eco-friendly tactics into their festival grounds.  Lightning In A Bottle maintains a fierce commitment to sustainability, especially during the festival season, to help keep your experience clean and green. Here are some tips to keep you are your festival friends in line with your sustainable values — because who says sustainability and festival-ing can't go hand-in-hand? 


Pack In Reusable Containers

Avoid using plastic bags. Pack your belongings in reusable containers to cut down on plastic waste while you are on festival grounds. Removing new products from its plastic packaging before you arrive at LiB is a great way to keep unnecessary debris off the campgrounds. Using reusable containers and bags ensures more than a one time use. Single-use products are harmful to our planet as they generate more waste in our landfills.


Transportation Plans

Carpool with friends to the festival. There is nothing better than road trips with your friends! Singing along to your favorite songs, having endless conversations, the list goes on about the fun to be had with carpooling. Plus, you're benefitting the planet and cutting down your carbon footprint. Riding with your close pals is a great way to cut down on emissions that cars produce. LiB also has a convenient shuttle transportation service. The bus is an easy way to make new friends while also helping our environment. And bonus, no need to worry about driving and parking! There is a shuttle that departs from Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Diego, all for a fee of less than $75.


Camping Necessities

It is 2019 — everyone should have a reusable water bottle on hand. Leave the plastic water bottles at home. Compostable plants and cutlery is sold in most retail stores nowadays which is an excellent alternative to paper plates and utensils. Eco-friendly shampoo and body soap can also be conveniently found at drug stores. Shampoo bars and bar soap are a great alternative to cut down on plastic waste.



Dressing up is easily one of the best parts of attending music festivals. It is a great way to express yourself through your individual choice of clothing pieces and accessories. An easy way to be green while you are doing your festival shopping is to shop sustainably! Here at Wolven, we create ethical products made from recycled plastic. Our fun prints and comfy clothing is sure to make a statement to any outfit. Plus, our pieces are moisture wicking to keep you fresh on the dancefloor. Feel good and look cute all while protecting our planet; It's a win-win!

If you are searching for jewelry or accessories check out your local thrift stores. Fast fashion is a massive culprit to carbon emissions.


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