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Travel Tuesday: Gingerhill Farms, Hawaii

Tell us more about yourself: What lead you to live on the farm? We were looking for a simpler, healthier lifestyle. Zach’s mom was getting older and had been asking Zach to come and take over Gingerhill for years. In 2011 we decided to give farmlife a try and moved to the Big Island.   In what ways is Gingerhill Farm committed to sustainability? We think that the term “sustainability” has become overused and is no longer descriptive of what we hope to achieve here at the farm. You can sustain bad habits. We are looking for something deeper. We are working towards regenerative practices which enrich our community. This means that we are constantly reexamining the way we eat...

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Make Sustainability Sexy This 4th of July With These 5 Tips On How To Use Less Plastic

Ditch the plastic this July 4th as part of your contribution to Plastic Free July! Plastic Free July is a campaign that focuses on plastic pollution, and how we can reduce it to make the summer more eco-friendly. The idea is to avoid any disposable items for a whole month. While this is definitely a challenge, you can always start with one disposable product to avoid and build from there. Here are some tips for ways to avoid as many disposable items as you can for the month, and jumpstart a more sustainable lifestyle.

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31 Different Ways You Can Keep It Sustainable During Plastic Free July

Let’s keep it sustainable this summer by following the Plastic Free July challenge! This is an awesome way to encourage more environmentally behavior by developing smarter habits regarding the use of plastic. Here are some ways to reduce your use of plastic for the entire month of July. Mastering any of these tips below can lead to habits that contribute to a permanent, sustainable lifestyle.    

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Lightning in a Bottle Recap

This past weekend, the Wolfpack headed to Lightning in a Bottle at its new and improved location at Buena Vista Lake, California.  Lightning in a Bottle has been a source of inspiration for our brand since inception and a place that we return to ground down and get inspired. Events like Lightning in a Bottle gives us the opportunity to see our brand in action and it was so wonderful to see so many people sporting and supporting Wolven. Here is a recap of our trip — if we missed your photos, please send them to us at   Read, set, road trip. Best friend? Check. Boyfriend? Check. Will, River and I headed to Lightning in a Bottle this...

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