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#WokeWednesday: Midterm Elections

 Red, white and you! With the 2018 midterm elections right around the corner, there has never been a more exciting time period when it comes to protecting our planet. November 6th is our chance to begin undoing the damage, reverse climate change and show mother nature some much-needed love. After a summer filled with (un)natural disasters such as raging wildfires, catastrophic hurricanes, and record-breaking heat waves, it’s clear that we need to change our ways- and fast. The good news? Together we have the power to shape the world around us- one vote at a time. Here at Wolven, we have the opportunity to make a positive, lasting impact on the world thanks to our inspiring group of employees, ambassadors,...

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November 2018 Horoscopes

ARIES Aries babes are known for their fearlessness and initiative. Take the reins and conquer your day in the Noor Racerback Bra. The Noor print energizes the soul with golden hour warmth, perfect for this super motivated, extroverted sign. The comfortable racerback feature is perfect for any high-activity adventure, paired with the Noor High-Waisted Shorts or Leggings to make you feel totally unstoppable. November is full of dreams of new experiences and self-awareness for you Aries. Keep your eye on the ball and remind yourself of your intuitive strength. Tap to shop our pick for intuition TAURUS Stability, determination, and a love for life’s pleasures, Taurus babes are sure to fall for the Noor Off Shoulder Top. The Noor print...

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Breast Cancer Basics

Here at Wolven, we are all about women empowering other women. With October being breast cancer awareness month, we wanted to bring you breast cancer basics to help you educate yourself and other women in your lives. Did you know that breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women in the U.S. annually? Scary, right? It doesn't have to be. With the use of the following information provided by nationalbreastcancerawareness.org, you can feel educated, empowered and confident to tackle this illness head-on. What is Breast Cancer and how does it happen? Just like any form of cancer, this illness occurs when a cell’s DNA is damaged. Although the exact cause of cancer is still unknown, scientists believe a combination of genetic...

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Expand your Horizon: October 2018 Horoscopes

ARIES: Aries! This is a big month for your sociality and charm with others, opening up opportunities for personal growth. This month you will be supported in exciting career development. New business ideas may generate and you may find yourself communicating and working with others effectively to achieve this. Financials become important to you this month and so you may see it thrive. Passionate sexuality and romantic fun come into play toward the end of the month, especially for all you single Aries babes. This month is looking super positive for you, but make sure to take sufficient rest, look after your health, and not overindulge on food and drink.   TAURUS: This is a great month for action and...

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Nüesch Sisters

Born and raised in St. Gallen, Switzerland, the Nüesch Sisters are an award winning directing duo that grew up with an old school video camera in hand, constantly dreaming up and documenting the world around them. Their mother, a talented painter, and their father, an architect, encouraged them to fearlessly pursue their passion for filmmaking. With design minds that goes beyond cinematography, these women create stylized films that address universal themes from human connection to mental illness.The Nüesch Sisters studied film in Los Angeles at Art Center College of Design, and in 2016, they started their own Production Company – Nüesch Sisters Productions. Their fashion film Moon Girls was selected by various international film festivals and premiered on Nick Knight’s...

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