Wolven’s Guide to Galentine’s Day

At Wolven, we love a good excuse to get together with our girlies and what better reason than Galentine’s Day! Come celebrate love with us and check out our guide to Galentine’s Day the Wolven way.

Setting the Mood

Nothing screams Galentine’s Day more than cheese, roses and chocolate. To really set the mood at the Galentine's Day gathering, it is super important to always have cheese out at all times. Our favorite cheese right now is merlot bellavitano paired with quince paste. Along with a plethora of candles, our sustainable incense cigarettes are the perfect mood setter. They have a smokey, sultry scent with notes of cedar, lavender and sage that vibe perfectly with romantic energy of the season.


valentine's day cheese board



Incense Cigarettes



Our friends, Sophie Jaffe and Daniella Monet just launched their wellness supplement Butterfly Boost and we have been having so much fun experimenting with all sorts of recipes using the Butterfly Boost powder. For our Galentine’s Day celebration, we wanted to provide options when it came to drinks. Of course, we needed to have rosé hand. But for those of us who are keeping the “dry January” streak going, we created the perfect wellness cocktail using Butterfly Boost. Designed to support your daily nutrition while boosting brain health, enhancing beauty, uplifting energy levels, and improving mood, this supplement contains ingredients such as ashwagandha, maca root and tocos. For our mocktail, we mixed Butterfly Boost with some lavender lemonade and seltzer. Butterfly Boost was the perfect addition to our Galentine’s mocktail, giving our beverage the perfect periwinkle hue. The beverage was so refreshing and fun for our sober girlies!



Butterfly Boost


Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

There is so much joy in cooking with friends!  For our Galentine’s Day gathering, we choose to make chocolate covered strawberries. Making chocolate covered strawberries is so much fun and brings out so much laughter. It is also so easy! All you need is two large boxes of strawberries and two bags of chocolate chips (you can use dark, milk or white). Melting the chocolate is so simple too - you just need to create a double-boiler using whatever pans you already have in your kitchen. Rolling the strawberries in chocolate brought out our youthful, playful sides, as we were covered in chocolate and had a blast getting messy! Plus, everything tastes better when you have a hand in making it! 

chocolate covered strawberries

Harmony Crisscross Four-way Top & Harmony Crisscross Bra



Tarot Readings

There is no better time than mid-February for a Tarot reading. About 6 weeks into the new year, some of us are feeling down about not sticking to our resolutions like we planned to, or just feeling those winter blues. Nothing helps feel more grounded and optimistic than a Tarot reading surrounded by friends! We got cozy on the floor decked out in our Harmony print for some 1:1 readings. All of us left the readings feeling inspired and enthusiastic about the future. Reading each other’s Tarot is also such a great bonding experience to have with friends and a great way to spark conversation. 


tarot reading


Harmony Ruched Crossover Leggings 



We hope you try some of our suggestions for your Galentine’s Day gatherings! Leave us a comment to share what activities you did at your Galentine’s Day events!

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