If you are a Swiftie, like all of us at Wolven HQ, you know all about Taylor’s various eras. Each of her eras represents a change in her musical style and image, but most importantly, a shift in Taylor’s growth. To celebrate how far Taylor has come, we thought it would be cool to envision Taylor in our Wolven styles. Take a look at how we styled Taylor through each of her eras!


Taylor Swift - 2006

Taylor’s debut era evokes memories and nostalgia in most millennials. Taylor was just starting out in her career and was full of innocence and youth. To represent this era, we dressed Taylor in our Eucalyptus color. We love the fresh and pure vibe of Eucalyptus and can picture Taylor pairing our Eucalyptus Flares with a cowboy hat and boots. 



Eucalyptus Crisscross Four-Way Top and Eucalyptus Flares


Fearless - 2008

It was in this era that Taylor really let her quirky personality shine through. We all remember the iconic “You Belong With Me” music video where Taylor embraces her nerdy side that we know and love. In this era, Taylor gained confidence and sass, swapping out her sundresses for sequin gowns and sparkly fringe dresses. Of course, we had to style Taylor in our bold Onyx color for this era. We love picturing Taylor rocking out in our Onyx Pyramid Top and our Onyx Pocket Bike Short in this super fun era. 



Onyx Racerback Bra and Onyx Pocket Bike Short


Speak Now - 2010

The “Speak Now” era is largely considered Taylor’s metamorphosis era. In this era, she began experimenting with her music style, leaning back into her country roots while also exploring theatrical elements. This was the first album where Taylor fully wrote every song, allowing her to assert her independence and individuality. It is only fitting that we styled Taylor in our Metamorphosis Sweatshirt for this era, as this is truly the era where she began to find herself.




Canvas Metamorphosis Sweatshirt


Red - 2012

In this era, Taylor left behind her country glam look and adopted a retro approach. Taylor shifted her style to a more vintage look, wearing 1950’s dresses, high-waisted shorts, cat-eye sunglasses and her signature bold red lip. Obviously, we had to dress Taylor in our Cayenne color and think she would look fabulous in our Cayenne Pyramid Top and Cayenne Pocket Bike Short.


Cayenne Pyramid Top and Cayenne Pocket Bike Short


1989 - 2014

A popular era among Swifties, the album “1989” ushered in both a musical and image shift for Taylor. This era is highly reminiscent of 80’s pop and showcased Taylor experimentation with a funkier musical aesthetic. We call this Taylor’s “golden era of pop” and for that reason we styled Taylor in our Turmeric color. One thing's for sure, Turmeric will never go out of style. 


Turmeric Crisscross Four-Way Top and Turmeric Flare


Reputation - 2017

This was Taylor’s badass era and all of us Swifties were here for it. In this era, Taylor said IDGAF to her haters with a darker and moodier tone. Taylor’s style also evolved into a darker aesthetic. Our Zephyr print is absolutely perfect for this version of Taylor (they even have snakes on them!) We can totally see Taylor pairing our Zephyr print with some leather boots and a bold, dark lip. 




Zephyr Ruched Crossover Legging and Zephyr Four- Way Top


Lover - 2019

Just when we thought Taylor had completely changed, she did a total 360 back to innocence and softness with her “Lover” era. The dark hues of "Reputation” were replaced with pastel pinks and blues and butterflies took over snakes. We coined this the “colors after the storm” era and wanted her style to reflect that. Our bright and vibrant Lychee color is perfect for this era and we love to picture Taylor decked out in this beautiful jewel tone. 



Lychee Ruched Crossover Pocket Legging 


Evermore - 2020

Evermore was Taylor’s foray into indie music and the vibes were there to match. This album depicted her songwriting stripped down to a simpler, more ethereal version of what we had seen before. Taylor swapped out the vibrant colors for neutrals as she bundled up in chunky cardigans and flannel jackets. Her purity is evident in the era, which is why we styled her in our Harmony print. We are envisioning it now; Taylor relaxing on the couch in the Harmony Ruched Crossover Legging sipping hot cocoa with Olivia Benson curled up on her lap. Perfection!

Harmony Ruched Crossover Legging 


Midnights - 2022

This is Taylor’s most recent album and current era. This returns to a more pop-like sound, with some edge added to it. Taylor is back in the public spotlight and absolutely killing it with her worldwide sold out shows. We choose our Reverie print to represent this era, for it is truly a showstopper. Bold and striking, Taylor will certainly be dressing for revenge in our Reverie High-Waisted Short and Reverie Racerback Bra. 


Reverie High-Waisted Short and Reverie Racerback Bra


 Alright, Swifties, we are dying to know! Which of Taylor's eras is your favorite?


Carie Anne Baron said:

I love Taylor but I’m a bit old to be a swifty. I grew up in the 80’s and wore biker shirts with cowboy boots! Boom. I love being apart of ur pack.

sarah said:

Reputation era girlie for lifeeee

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