The “Mean Girls” reboot has taken the world by storm! Exciting both millennials and gen-z alike, Mean Girls provokes nostalgia and provides a modernized twist on the original movie. At Wolven HQ, we have been thinking about what each character would wear if decked out in Wolven. We had so much fun styling the characters and reflecting on their individuality. Here is our Wolfpack Sustainable Style Guide inspired by the unique styles and personalities of Mean Girl’s most popular characters. 


Regina George:

Regina is the epitome of main character energy and the ultimate I-T G-I-R-L.  As the leader of the Plastics, she is manipulative, powerful, intimidating and knows how to get her way. Her style is girly, but with a trendy, modern flair. After all, she is the one setting the trends at North Shore High, so whatever she wears instantly becomes the “it” trend of the season. With this in mind, we are styling Regina in our Lychee set. We love the boldness of Lychee and think it pairs well with Regina’s It Girl vibes. Regina would stand out from the crowd no matter what she was wearing, but the brightness of Lychee will definitely make every head turn when she enters a room. 


Lychee Racerback Bra and Lychee Crossover High Waisted Short


Gretchen Weiners:

As a member of the Plastics, Grethen knows that whatever Regina says, goes. Just like the rest of the Plastics, Gretchen mimics Regina's personality and style. Gretchen has a fun and girly style, just like Regina. For Gretchen, we selected the Amalfi print. The Amalfi print is fun and flirty and compliments Regina’s Lychee set, while still giving Gretchen a style of her own. Expressive and bright, we think the Amalfi print will boost Gretchen Weiner’s confidence giving her some extra guts to stand up to Regina George.  


Amalfi Keyhole Top and Amalfi Flare


Karen Shetty: Even though Karen is a member of the Plastics, she lives in her own world with her head in the clouds. Of course, Karen would never forget that on Wednesday’s the Plastics wear pink, but we like to think she finds a style of her own on the other days. We love Karen’s naive and flirty vibe and know she would look perfect in our Reverie print. This whimsical print definitely fits Karen’s carefree and light personality yet is bold enough to be worn by a member of the most powerful clique at North Shore High School. 


reverie crossover pocket legging and reversable top

Reverie Legging and Reverie Reversible Four-Way Top


Cady Heron:

Cady is free-spirited, eccentric, and a little bit innocent. She is independent and breaks the mold of the typical teen stereotypes. Although she gets a little carried away with infiltrating the Plastics, we know that Cady is truly sweet and pure at heart. We dressed Cady in our lively Fauna print, as we feel this reflects her compassionate and kind-hearted personality. Plus, we figured we would give her a break from all the pink. 


Fauna Keyhole Top and Fauna Ruched Crossover Leggings


Janis Sarkisian:

Janis can be described as fierce, bold, artsy, and most importantly, rebellious. Her style is dark and 90’s grunge inspired. We love Janis’s confidence in herself and her sense of empowerment. Since she's not afraid to express who she is, we picture her in the Noor Racerback Bra and matching Noor Legging. Just like Janis, the Noor print is dark and fierce and definitely a one-of-a-kind print. 


 Noor Reversible Four-Way Top and Noor Flare


Damian Hubbard:

Damian is way more than just Janis’s sidekick; he is loyal, creative, sassy and funny. As one of the most iconic characters in “Mean Girls”, we wanted to make sure he looked the part. We are styling Damian in our bold Feels sweatshirt to match his over-the-top personality. Damian is every bit as dramatic as our Feels print and we think they make the perfect match. 


Onyx Feel your Feelings Sweatshirt


We had so much fun styling these iconic "Mean Girls" characters! What do you think of the looks we choose?





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