Day Zero 

A scene-defining event held in the jungle of Tulum, curated by Damian Lazarus. This is Day Zero — an euphoric festival experience that highlights the interconnectedness of nature, sustainability, art and music. 

An Immersive Experience 

The Day Zero experience hangs on the pillars of immersion and cultural connectivity, sharing space between the ancient world and modern mankind. From sunset to sunrise, each moment is woven within the fabric of the venue’s energy. This connection with surroundings and self is what has helped create the ideal environment for experiencing the world’s best electronic music. Exploring the festival grounds leads you to an enchanted cenote and a relaxing cave with projection mapped artwork all around.

Committed To Our Earth 

The essential link with the natural world and local community has shepherded Day Zero’s commitment to fostering an environmental sustainability program that will ensure the event’s continued return to the ancient land. Honoring Mayan culture, the Day Zero team is dedicated to this process and enlists industry professionals whose sole purpose is to leave the venue cleaner than they found it and free of dangerous pollutants. With little to no plastic on site, Day Zero was one of the cleanest festival experiences we have ever seen.

In Tulum, the Day Zero team focuses on the preservation of the jungle, collaboration with local sustainability initiatives, waste control and minimization, onsite recycling plus tracking of the full recycling process and post-production restoration. From 2022 onwards they teamed up with Petgas to transform plastic into fuel. And they started to use this fuel for their generators.

The ongoing evolution of the event’s story is why Day Zero is revered as the epitome of modern rave, offering its global community a path towards transcendental awakening — wherever it may land.

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