Couples that do self-care together thrive together. We are all about spreading the word about sustainability and wellness and learning new approaches to incorporating both. Self-care can be a great bonding experience with your partner and a way of expressing your love languages. With the Fall season in full swing, getting cozy and doing some self-care for two can be a perfect way to deepen your relationship. Here are 3 self-care activities you can try with your bestie or partner this season.

  1. Get out in nature. The weather is getting cooler, leaves are changing and nature is calling. Enjoy the Autumn weather by taking a hike together, learning about the land, and having fun together connecting with your inner child. Nature is our best medicine and knows precisely what it is you need. Being in nature can bring us back to a simpler time when we were children when we prioritized fun. This creates vulnerability, compassion, and pleasure with your partner. You can check out the app “All Trails” to explore a local hike you’ve never been to — or you and your partner could each pick a favorite destination to show one another. 
  1. DIY face masks. Let’s ditch the store-bought face masks and get creative with them. There are products we can use that we already have in our home, such as avocados, which are filled with healthy fats that nourish the skin, honey locks in moisture, and yogurt, which tightens the skin and gets rid of dead skin cells. These foods are just a few among many healing products at our fingertips. By making our own face masks, we are reducing our single-use waste, which is even sexier. Getting in the fall spirit with your couples skincare — light your favorite fall candle, apply your masks, and throw on your favorite Halloween movie. 
  1. Expressing gratitude to one another. Life is always in go mode, and we may get caught up in that state of mind, forgetting to take a second and thank our partners for all they are and do. The Fall season is a time to rest, recharge, and express what we are thankful for. No matter what love language you have, everyone wants to feel appreciated and seen for what they give. Write a letter or a list of everything you love and appreciate about your lover and read it to them. You will thank me later because, after all these wellness suggestions, you might just be getting lucky that night (if you know what I mean).

Sometimes, we want to let go of all the pressures that come with being in a relationship that society has thrown onto us, disconnect from the outside world, and reconnect with each other. There are ways of taking that pressure off, such as being in the present moment, laughing, and just recalling why you love each other. Starting a new hobby or passion with one another, like yoga or taking a new dance class, can teach you new things about your significant other that you didn’t know and may bring a healthy form of vulnerability to the relationship.

Let us know which couples self-care activity is your go-to this season — and we hope these tips can help you nourish your mind, body, and partnerships. 

Written By:
Izabela Sanchez

Izabela Sanchez is a Bachelor of Science and Sustainability Graduate from the University of Oregon. She is a sustainability and animal activist at heart. She is also a Reiki II practitioner and loves to connect with nature any chance she gets. Dancing under the stars, hiking, yoga, and learning new ways to strengthen her relationship with the Earth is her favorite pass time. 


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