The Lions Gate portal is here, and it’s time to manifest.

You may have heard of “Lions Gate” and for those who have not or are not too familiar with it let me shed some light on this incredibly powerful day. It happens every year on August 8th, when an energetic portal opens within the cosmos — which is the best time to manifest. So what exactly do we mean by manifest? Manifesting is a time when you can call in all of your desires, hopes, and goals. By setting an intention, followed by an action, and trusting that if it is in your highest good it will come your way. Plus, you can use these tools all year long whenever you need some help grounding and manifesting.

Here are a couple of practices you can incorporate during Lion’s Gate: 

  1. Setting Intentions
  2. Practicing Gratitude
  3. Affirmations 
  4. Journal Prompts 

We can all use a little guidance when it comes to powerful practices such as manifesting. Below are a few journal prompts to consider incorporating into your practice today. 

Lions Gate Journal Prompts

  1. What is trying to unfold in my life? 
  2. What habits, relationships, and patterns no longer serve me? 
  3. What am I bringing into this new chapter of my life? 
  4. What obstacles are standing in between me stepping into my highest self? How can I overcome them?
  5. What are five things I am grateful for? 
  6. What is your micro manifestation and your macro manifestation? 
  7. How have I been showing up for myself recently? 

Most of all, have fun and be intentional — you are a powerful being filled with love and all that you desire, desires you.

About The Author: 

Izabela Sanchez is a Bachelor of Science and Sustainability Graduate from the University of Oregon. She is a sustainability and animal activist at heart. She is also a Reiki II practitioner and loves to connect with nature any chance she gets. Dancing under the stars, hiking, yoga, and learning new ways to strengthen her relationship with the Earth is her favorite pass time. 


August 07, 2023

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