Dearest gentle reader, Bridgerton is back, and so is our desire to dress the characters — this is what they would wear if they went shopping at Wolven HQ:

Penelope Featherington: she is the lady of the hour, and what else would one wear if they knew all eyes would be on them? Our Fauna collection of course. Personally, I would pair with a claw clip and a notepad and be on my merry way.

Daphne Bridgerton: just minutes into the first episode, I was completely taken by Daphne's stunningly beautiful wardrobe, and halfway through the first episode, I noticed that it was made up of predominantly the color blue, with some white and other colors mixed in. It's the "signature color" of the Bridgerton family. So naturally, Amalfi, is a perfect fit for Miss Daphne.

Eloise Bridgerton: known as the black sheep of the family, Eloise is one who prefers to step out of the spotlight of what society believes she has to be, and marches to the beat of her own drum. Our down to earth, Thyme, is the only love match Eloise needs to be making.

Francesca Bridgerton: our sparkler for the season has an affinity for lighter colors. And you know what that means, she would be in perfect company in our Harmony Print.

Kate Sharma: the Vicountess Bridgerton is a fiery ray of light. She exudes warmth and fierce female empowerment. Tangerine was made for her.  Considering it’s named after the juiciest of citrus varieties, it’s no surprise that wearing this color will make you look and feel even juicier than you already are. 

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