The Fashion Industry is responsible for 10% of total global carbon emissions, which is why as a sustainable Climate Neutral certified business, Wolven was excited to join in on the conversations this year at Climate Week NYC 2023. Every year, Climate Week brings together world leaders, activists, businesses, and nonprofits to promote collaborative action on the climate crisis — read our latest Trash Talk to learn more about how we’re taking part in the climate movement.


This year we’re excited to highlight one of our favorite climate activists, Sierra Quitiquit (@sierra) to promote our new climate capsule and highlight the advocacy work she is involved with. Sierra is a professional skier, model, yogi, surfer, and founder of the climate communications agency, Time For Better. She’s on a mission to spread positive and creative messages about our planet — and build community while doing it.

While hanging out and organizing at Climate Week we learned that less than 1% of climate funding goes to youth-led climate justice initiatives. Which is why this Climate Week, the team at Time For Better launched their brand new initiative, BETTER Earth. The initiative supports global change makers by providing professional development, grants, and fellowships to empower individuals to be leaders in their local communities. Their next project will take place at COP28, the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference, where they will be organizing the Hope House and a whole team of youth climate leaders to take part and make their voices heard.

During this year's Climate Week 2023, our Co-Founder & Chief Of Staff Amanda Lapham was reporting live from NYC with all the insider climate week details — where we had the chance to also hang out with Sierra and the Time For Better community. As a former climate lobbyist and designer of our limited edition Climate Capsule, Amanda took part in discussions to promote fashion's role in combating the climate crisis, promoting circular economies, and ending our dependence on fossil fuels. Highlights of the week included attending the March To End Fossil Fuels with over 75,000 activists taking part and a variety of climate action art exhibits which highlighted the importance of art in promoting activism. 

We wanted to end this Trash Talk series with a quote we heard at last weekend's climate march — as a reminder to stay involved and do what you can to make a difference in this world. 

“The cynics want you to think this doesn’t matter — we organize because of hope." — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, US Representative 14th District, March To End Fossil Fuels 2023, NYC.

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