Plastic and The Health of Our Oceans 

At this point I do not have to tell you that Wolven Threads' creates clothing made from recycled plastic bottles, you already know that. What you might not know however, is how all of this plastic waste is impacting our oceans and why our wolfpack is so intent on creating clothing that is environmentally sustainable.

Let me dive right in. Plastic negatively impacts our oceans harming and killing over 267 different species of marine wildlife each year. Thousands of sea turtles, fish, great white sharks and marine mammals are killed from suffocation, ingestion, drowning, and entanglement due to an alarming 8.8 million tons of plastic litter overtaking our ocean surfaces yearly. The scary news is, without taking action by the year 2050, there will be more plastic litter in our oceans than fish.

We got to interview the beautiful, ocean saving, and ever empowering Heidi Hong, creator of the Xanadu Foundation. “The Xanadu Foundation is a lifestyle brand who’s mission is to inspire wellness, education and green living through unique and playful experiences, for a happier and healthier world.” The interview went a little something like this…

 The Xanadu Foundation hosting a coastal clean up day

What inspired you to create the Xanadu Foundation? 
My fiancé and I were taking our morning run on the beach. As we were running I noticed so much plastic garbage everywhere especially plastic straws. We walked a little further as I began to gather the straws from the beach and were saddened when we found a dead bird near some litter. Holding a total of 76 straws in my hands, my fiancé and I knew we had to do something. Once we got home we posted the story about the beach on social media and the story took off. Ryan and I decided it was time to be responsible for where we live and started inviting people to beach clean ups.


What is the next best way for people to take action and help create a plastic free ocean who can’t make it to the beach for a clean up day?
Making sustainable choices as a consumer is the best way to make an impact on a daily basis. For example, at a restaurant when you order a drink make sure you emphasize to the waiter that you do not need a plastic straw. This is such a simple thing to do but straws are the most common beach litter we find and can hurt wildlife. Even bringing your own cup to go. Get a smoothie at whole foods and give them your reusable cup to fill up. Saying no to all forms of plastic. That is where it starts.


If you could say ONE thing to someone to inform them about plastic and how harmful it is to our oceans, what would it be?
Plastic like diamonds are forever. Every single plastic that you ever used in your life still exists on this earth and our population isn’t getting any lower and our consumerism is increasing. Our earth however is staying the same. See the problem.


I see Xanadu hosts a yoga social night. Has yoga influenced you to live a more sustainable and healthier life?
Yoga has been such an essential part of how Xanadu was built. I think the practice of yoga has inspired me to create a company that is sustainable and encourages yogis to take action beyond their yoga mat and get their hands dirty. I mean if not us, who? We are lovers of this planet and lovers of life. It is the perfect community to inspire others to make a difference.


How do you feel about companies like Wolven Threads creating clothing from recycled plastic bottles?
I think its wonderful that companies like Wolven Threads are bringing conscious awareness into the product that they create. It’s very important that yogis and humans on this earth are aware of their ecological footprint and leave this world a better place.

Wolfpack babe catching some waves in our eco-friendly Sri Yantrify Rash Guard and Bikini bottoms

So how does creating recycled fabric out of plastic bottles help our oceans and wildlife ecosystems? 

By using recycled plastic bottles to create sustainable fashion, Wolven Thread’s is helping to slow down the production of new polyester and confronting plastic pollution one thread at a time. Not only is this production process of creating recycled fabric more energy efficient, but it also stops a large amount of plastic bottles from getting dumped into our waters. Our goal is to create a world where fashion is mutually beneficial to our oceans and we want you to know how you can get involved as well!

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