About two weeks ago, the Black Lives Matter movement grew to another level of global recognition. People and brands were starting to wake up and realize how much more work they had to do to respect and recognize BIPOC. As a white woman, I started researching how to be a better ally, signed petitions, donated and listened to the BIPOC in my community.

While doing this, I came across a call to #amplifymelanatedvoices. The concept was founded by mental health therapist Alishia McCullough and activist Jessica Wilson. It invited people to promote Black creators for one week instead of their own products or images. I was really inspired by this way to action my support.

Through this call to action, I have found so many incredible new designers, fashionistas, and artists.

Although the list is long and I am still finding new brands everyday, I wanted to share my favorite top 10 that I have discovered so far.

Tru Face By Grace

Regal jewelry and fabulous adornment at its finest. A piece of gold statement jewelry can always elevate any fashion look. One of my favorite pieces is their Pearl Bib Necklace


If the words ultra cool, deconstructed and architectural send a shiver down your style spine, this brand is going to be your new favorite. TLZ L’FEMME’s modern edge feels classic and futuristic all at the same time.


Using traditional African fabrics imagined in new and modern silhouettes, the clothes from CHIMZI are perfect for events, vacation and anytime you want to make a true statement with your outfit. They are also making eye-catching mask/ headwrap combos, a must-have for anyone trying to stay chic during quarantine.


Wonderfully classic and artfully tailored, Hanifa creates high-end garments for the modern fashionista. A beautiful blend of knit, silk and other high-end fabrics, you’re sure to find something that strikes your fancy.

House Of Aris

For the more funky, fanciful girls out there, the pieces from House of Aris are unique and edgy. Think metallic leather bustiers and furry heart pants. Each release is super distinct, you never really know what you’re gonna get!

Manière De Voir

If you’re into more of a minimal, streetwear vibe, prepare to click add to cart for every item Manière De Voir makes. This brand truly proves that the magic is in the details.

Elsie & Fred

A festival fashion mainstay, you can always point out an Elise & Fred original on the coolest girl on the dance floor. Perfect for parties, vacation, and everyday fabulosity, their designs are well made with eccentric fabrics.

Studio 189

Winner of the CFDA Lexus Sustainable Fashion Award, Studio 189 features bold prints and handcrafted textiles. Made in Africa, this fabulous fashion brand specializes in traditional craftsmanship techniques including natural plant based dye indigo, hand-batik, kente weaving and more. It also supports job creation, education and skills training for those in need.


With highly limited releases, this cult-favorite is continually selling out within hours of their drops. If you wanna snag one of their perfectly colored modern pieces, make sure to turn on post notifications and set your alarm!

Hustle With A Goal

For the sickest customizable cuban rhinestone necklaces, bamboo hoops, nameplate rings and more, Hustle With A Goal is in a class above all else! Mixed metals, acrylic details- she does it all. You can even pay in installments with Klarna.

The Wolfpack IRL

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Tessla Venus Goodwin is an alternative fashion writer, content creator & supporter. She has been writing on the subject of fashion and festival fashion for over 10 years for various blogs and publications.
June 10, 2020

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