Wolven Sustainable Holiday Tips

Unfortunately, more often than not, sustainability seems to take a back seat as the Christmas
plans and festivities commence. The good news, however, is that there is no need to stress. Because you can always turn it around in ways that are simple and fun. Let's talk some super effective (and super personable) tricks and tips to keep you feeling great and green throughout the holidays.

Wrapping Paper Done Right

Some might say that one of the Christmas day highlights is tearing the merry, brightly-colored wrapping paper off of those anticipated gifts. But is it worth it when that paper is super-duper un-recyclable and damaging to the planet? Wouldn’t you prefer to create an even more personable gift experience while saving yourself some coin at the same time?

Wrapping gifts for your loved ones with some brown recycled paper, instead, makes a huge impact. Add your touch by dressing it up with some reusable ribbon or fabric scraps, or, to make it extra special, use some string to tie it together and then tuck in something floral at the top.

A Sustainable Secret Santa

Gift exchanges are going to play out a little differently this year. However, if you’re still going ahead with Secret Santa by mail, or simply seeing the immediate fam, a sustainable gift brings joy all around. To your recipient, to you, and to Miss Mother Earth herself, of course.

With sustainability awareness on the rise, there are so many great brands that you can shop from and feel good about it, knowing that you are investing in a company that cares about its' impact.

At Wolven, we care about that impact a whole lot, and if you are considering a super comfy yet productive gift choice this year, feel free to read up on our sustainability practices so you can feel 100% sure that you are investing in something honest.

Handmade gifts are also a great way to be sustainable for the holidays. A glass jar gift (who doesn't love hot cocoa?) or something else handmade is not only affordable but also sincere. I’ll take that over a wasteful, single-use gift, thank you.

Handmade Holiday Cards

This one may seem a tad obvious, but much like wrapping paper, store-bought cards are jam-packed with un-recyclable plastic and glitter, and way over a billion are sold worldwide every single year. That does not sound like Christmas joy to me. Channel your inner child and get out the crayons, the ink stamps, and the recycled plain-card paper out. Make Christmas your eco-wise canvas this year as you pass on the holiday spirit in a way that can be recycled.

Are Your Holiday Lights Hurting the Earth?

If you are using incandescent lights, then the answer is yes. Switch them out for some LED lights. These twinkly guys use 90% less energy than incandescent and can last you up to twice as long. Some other options are battery lights you can recharge, timer lights, or solar-powered lights. You can keep it bright and keep it kind all at the same time.

Christmas is already such an exciting time of the year. Take that feel-good factor even further by shopping sustainably, acting consciously, and sharing the love in a way that is even more personable from this point forward. The people in your life and the planet will thank you for it.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, Wolfpack.


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