Diving Into Your Curiosities: The New Moon in Gemini

“I’m really scared that..”    

“I’m kind of pissed about..”

"I think I'll go crazy if.."

The chatter of strangers surrounds me on the patio of a bar in Queens as the balsamic moon in Gemini comes to a close in the sun-setting sky above me. The unfinished sentences of others gracefully fade into the beats my headphones provide a safe space. The talkative, open book minds of the people around me make plenty of sense, Gemini season having been in full swing for weeks now, electrifying both our thoughts and tongues.

People are speaking candidly about their feelings and hunches, with Gemini’s ruler Mercury currently residing in the emotionally laden sign of Cancer. The cancerian complex is deeply rooted in both fear and worry, so it’s no wonder that this new moon’s ruler Mercury in Cancer has our minds feeling a little anxious for whats yet to come in these crazy times.

The beautiful thing about a Gemini new moon is that it’s rather freeing.

Gemini is the first of the air signs, making it newly aware of the social aspects of society, while simultaneously being somewhat detached from situations (in an observant, onlooking, learning kind of way) than perhaps our earth and water sign pals (who are more feeling and body experience based).

The lunar slate being reset in such a playful, curious sign allows for a big breath of fresh air to enter our lives.

We’re given the opportunity over the next month to set ourselves free from our current state by learning to incorporate something totally new. Gemini season is ideal for getting involved in classes of all kinds, and this new moon is bound to be firing up our desire to explore new passions or follow our curiosities about subjects we’ve always been interested in but never tried.

Break out now and try something brand new. Let your thoughts run you wild until you have to write, you have to create, you have to break out of the shell of your habits and incorporate something more playful and freeing.

Get in touch with your friend groups, the ones with true authenticity. Share what you’ve been exploring or learning about with them. Have you always been curious about photography? Or wanted to write a screenplay? Wanted to take a cooking class? 

This Gemini new moon will now give you the dose of courage to step outside of your comfort zone and explore new subjects objectively!

We only get to know ourselves over time by following our hunches towards the things we're interested in. We become who we're meant to be by following our curiosities. Imagine Picasso never acting on his longing for a paintbrush?

This new moon is trying to remind us that we're all lifelong learners, for how else would we grow and continue to understand ourselves?

On the same day of the new moon, relationship Venus moves from homey Cancer into romantic Leo, revving up our relationship engines considerably. Venus in Leo is fiery, romantic, and needing adoration and praise.

Picture a beautifully lit restaurant full of charm and ambiance. The wine is divine, beautiful music plays at the perfect volume, a chic and sexy outfit adorns your body. Your lover gazes at you across the table like you’re gods gift to man, with candlelight glimmering in their eyes.  Welcome to Venus in Leo, baby.

Venus in Leo will have us all needing more attention, praise, and pets in our relationships.

When Venus is in Leo, we cannot bear to feel ignored or unseen, because we obviously feel like the finest thing to walk the earth. Our pride can become enhanced, as well as our narcissism, all things to keep in mind.

But Venus in Leo is also super fun, warm and vibrant, looking to go out and enjoy the nightlife. While Venus moves through the sign of the lion, treat yourself to some romantic nights out, or go see a play or put on your own!

Our need to perform can be heightened at this time, so perhaps its time to hit up that old open mic again and bust out your dusty acoustic? Or maybe just go catch a show if the stage isn't your scene!


Have a great new moon everyone!

Love, @MackAndTheZodiac

June 13, 2018

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