Happy Full Wolf Moon, Wolfpack! If you didn’t know, each month's full moon has a nickname attributed to it based on the seasonal changes occurring during that time and these nicknames are Indigenous in origin. 

This is the first full moon of the year and it is occurring in the lovely and nurturing sign of moon-ruled Cancer. Not only that, but this lunation happens to fall on a Monday which is also ruled by the moon (hence its name, Mo(o)nday), making this day extra potent with lunar energy.

As the full moon peaks and reaches its fullest and brightest point, it then starts to wane and thus, is a time of closure and letting things go. So if you haven’t gotten the chance to energetically let last year go yet, this moon is your second chance. Its peak also implies higher energy and the desire to celebrate a completed lunar cycle. Personally, full moons energize me and as such, I customize my monthly rituals based on the phase I am honoring and the influences of the sign it’s in, meaning that for this full moon I am prioritizing energy and activity for the fullness of the moon and heart-warming practices for endearing Cancer. 



And thus I present my ritual guide for this full moon in Cancer.

  • Moon Salutations – If you’re a yogi then there’s no doubt you’re familiar with the infamous Sun Salutation as it is an integral part of a flow practice, but did you know there’s also a moon salutation? If your time is limited and you’re only able to commit to one activity for the full moon, this would be my top pick as it is specifically intended to honor the moon and is physically active. Bonus points if you can do it at night under the light of the moon!
  • Clean your home – Cancer is the sign of the nurturer and the home and no sign better understands the value of a sacred space more than Cancer. Plus, as we are still at the very beginning of the new year, ritualizing the physical act of cleaning can help you release and let go of the stagnant energies of the past. I personally recommend throwing on your favorite playlist and dancing your way through it.

  • Call someone you love – Cancer is the sign of family, whatever that means to you. And as the full moons catalyze active and social energy, this is the perfect opportunity to pick up the phone and call someone you love! Or even better, video call! Something I really love to do is to call a friend, pick a movie and start it at the exact same time so you can watch a movie together from a distance! 
  • Take a ritual bath – Usually, this is something I would recommend for a new moon as new moon energy is more solitary and introspective but because Cancer is a water sign, a bath or even a shower is entirely appropriate and allows you to wash off, release and let go of what no longer serves you as the moon begins to wane, taking these things with it.


  • Lunar embodiment – The colors that are associated with both the moon and the sign of Cancer are silver, white, gray, light blue, and lavender. Thanks to Wolven’s basics collection, we have Wolf Gray (hello, wolf moon), Lavender, and Juniper to play with! And all of these gorgeous colors would pair beautifully with silver jewelry and white accessories. Personally, I will be wearing my Juniper set with the top reversed to its white side so as to honor the moon by way of both the white and light blue colors. Plus, doing moon salutations or any of the previously mentioned ritual activities while wearing these colors will activate further potency and alignment. 


May this moon allow us to release all that does not align with our hearts. May this moon fully illuminate the desires that lie dormant in our hearts and awaken them so that we may honor them throughout the new year. And may this moon allow us to celebrate all the cycles that have been completed and move forward with grace and integrity. So It Is.


Join us for a Full Wolf Moon ritual taking place on the @wolven Instagram live on Monday, 1/17 at 6:00 PM PST, hosted by Gabriela Rosales, @thestylistwitch


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About the Author 


Gabriela is a fashion stylist based in Los Angeles, specializing in the use of one’s wardrobe as the ultimate magical tool. Being a Venusian-ruled triple Taurus, Gabriela’s divine purpose is to empower others through the self-loving ritual of adornment. For her, beauty is not an obligation or a convention, but a way of being.

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