Happy Halloween Wolfpack! Today our wolves are werewolves, and we hope you have a spooky weekend. But the scariest part of Halloween is not the haunted houses or scary movies, it's the amount of plastic and food waste that's left behind.

Did you know that “disposable” Halloween costumes generate 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste every year? Or that the average trick-or-treater generates 1 pound of plastic trash? Or lastly, that about 1.3 billion pounds of pumpkins are thrown out each year after Halloween?

Avoid the waste and celebrate sustainably with Wolven’s 8 tips for a Halloween that is good for people and the planet.
  1. Get Thrifty: Thrift or make your own costumes to avoid buying plastic costumes you'll just end up throwing away. Try using your favorite Wolven sets as part of your costume for a truly sustainable outfit.

  2. Host A Costume Swap: Host a costume swap with your friends to exchange clothes and accessories (those cat ears in your closet my finally be worn again) and avoid buying new. 

  3. Use Sustainable Decorations: Make decorations using compostable materials, like leaves, branches, and cinnamon sticks to avoid buying disposable plastic decorations. 

  4. Be Mindful Of Packaging: Opt for treats with recyclable, compostable, or minimal packaging — or bake your own plastic-free treats for you upcoming Halloween party. 

  5. Avoid Food Waste: Use every part of the pumpkin to avoid food waste (pumpkins end up in landfills and emit the harmful greenhouse gas methane). Instead of tossing out your pumpkins, make pumpkin soup or pie, and roast your pumpkin seeds.

  6. Plan A "Green" Party: Eco parties are cool. Use compostable plates and utensils, sustainable decor, plant-based halloween treats, and encourage all your guests to create their own DIY or thrifted costumes. Costumes inspired by Mother Earth, animals, and plants are always fun. 

  7. Ditch Fossil Fuels: Walk, bike, or try to car-pool to your halloween events to use less fossil fuels (this makes the streets safer for trick-or-treaters too). 

  8. Prepare For Next Year: Celebrate responsibly and donate or save your costumes and decorations for next year! 

Happy Halloween to our werewolves! 

Written By: Katherine Langell, Wolven Research & Design Intern
October 29, 2021

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